All Fortnite Map Changes in the V5.3.0 Update

by DG Goldstein


The V5.3.0 update in Fortnite: Battle Royale brought a collection of new map changes to the title.

As Season 5 continues, Epic Games has made a number of changes to the Fortnite map in recent months.


V5.3.0 is headlined by changing 'Tomato Town' to 'Tomato Temple,' which features an all-new layout that resembled an ancient temple.

We have compiled a full list of all the changes in Fortnite, courtesy of the Twitter account.


Fortnite Map Changes - V5.3.0

Tomato Temple

Motel Sign Returning

Risky Reels has been completed


Trucks at Dusty Divot

Tilted Towers construction coming along