All Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 Postcard Tour Trials

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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 has recently introduced the Postcard Tour Trials quests that uncovers several Easter Eggs hidden across the island and rewards players with hefty amounts of XP. Here’s everything you need to know about this week’s Trials quests.

Every season in Fortnite has its own Battle Pass, which gives players the chance to earn free cosmetics. These items are usually based on that season’s theme, such as skins, Back Bling, and Gliders. However, in order to get all of them, you must first gain XP in order to level up, which in turn awards Battle Stars that unlocks the said items.

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Completing missions as you go is the greatest method to level up quickly, as a typical Battle Royale match may not grant enough XP. New Trials quests have been released alongside the newest season of Fortnite, and they take players to various locations and landmarks around the island that they usually miss.

This week, the latest Postcard Tour Trials quests were released that can easily be accessed by visiting the Quests tab in the Fortnite menu. Here’s how you can complete all of those in no time.

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Highwire awaits players to take them through an exciting set of Trials

Fortnite Postcard Tour Trials Quests

In order to begin with Postcard Tour Trials, players would first need to solve riddles that are listed under the Trials Quests tab. While some of the riddles are quite easy to guess, others can prove to be quite tricky. However, to unlock these, you must complete all the previous Trials quests.

Here are all of the Postcard Tour Trials quests currently available in Fortnite and how you can easily complete them:

QuestLocationReward Image
In the city, there is a masked warrior made of lightsEmote at the Samurai Neon Projection at Mega City POI25,000 XPSamurai Hologram in Mega City on Fortnite island
These boats bring cargoEmote at a boat with containers near Mega City POI25,000 XPFortnite Shipping Containers
Swim where the water healsTake a dip in the healing waters of Steamy Springs25,000 XPSteamy Springs POI in Fortnite
There’s a tree where the threat seasons collideEmote at The Herald’s Tree east of Anvil Square25,000 XPHerald Tree on Fortnite island
In the ice cave, look for the towerEmote atop the Clock Tower in an Ice Cave located northwest of Brutal Bastion25,000 XPClock Tower in Ice Cave on Fortnite island

When do Trials quests come out in Fortnite?

New Trials Quests release every Tuesday at 7AM PT | 10AM ET | 2PM GMT. They often leak early but you won’t be able to complete them until they appear on your Quest Screen.

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These quests follow the traditional method of challenges stacking up each week, so there’s no rush to complete them before a new week arrives. However, to unlock a new stage of Trials quests, players will need to complete the previous one.

As for Daily Quests, they’re released every day at 7AM PT | 10AM ET | 2PM GMT, while Milestone Quests will remain the same throughout the entire season, to be completed at your leisure.

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That’s everything you need to know about Fortnite Postcard Tour Trials quests in Chapter 4 Season 2 so far.

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