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Fortnite Battle Royale • Oct 06, 2019

All confirmed teams for Fortnite Championship Series

All confirmed teams for Fortnite Championship Series
Epic Games

Professional Fortnite players have begun announcing their squads for the next round of FNCS action. So, here are all the confirmed teams for the European and North American regions.


The competitive Fortnite community is gearing up for the next stage in the Fortnite Championship Series as the online event turns its attention from Trios to Squads. The FNCS, which was announced during the Fortnite World Cup, has already been through solos and duos before heading to it’s larger set of teams. 

In the same way that the World Cup qualifiers worked, teams hop into heats to rack up the most points possible – with the best teams advancing to the regional finals and taking a shot at the mega prize pool on offer. 


Epic Games
The FNCS doesn't offer the World Cup's mega prize pool - but Bugha will be playing.

The European region of Fortnite comes with some of the best players in the world – especially in team play as Aqua and Nyhrox scooped up the win during the World’s Cup duo event. 

While the pair may have split and formed separate teams, some of the other most hyped team players like Benjyfishy, MrSavage, Mongraal, and Airwaks reside in the region. In fact, Benjyfishy has even confirmed that he’ll be playing alongside Mongraal, Aqua, and Stompy in the upcoming squad's event. 

All confirmed EU Fortnite Championship Series squads

MrSavage's SquadMrSavage, Tohaj, Tschiiinken, and BELAEU
Benjyfishy's SquadBenjyfishy, Stompy, Mograal, and Aquaa
Innocents' SquadDiggy, Bini, Assault, and Innocents
Domentos' SquadDomentos, Jamside, Fweky, and Letw1k3
Mitr0's SquadMitr0, crr, k1nzell, and falconly


When the focus turns to North American squads, the names that jump out right away are World Cup solos winner Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf, Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney, Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore, and Nate ‘NateHill’ Hill. 

While Tfue and Cloak have been a prolific duo in the past, they likely won’t be playing together in squads after falling out during the trios event. One other fan-favorite team that will be linking up, however, is Team Liquid as Chap, Vivid, Cizlucky, and 72hrs will all be partnering up. 

All confirmed NAE Fortnite Championship Series squads

Team LiquidChap, Vivid, Cizlucky, and 72hrs
Bugha's SquadBugha, Stretched, Zayt, and Saf
Bizzle's SquadBizzle, Dubs, Megga, and Eclipsae
Mackwood's SquadMackwood, Zexrow, Calculator, and Vinny


The exact dates for the Fortnite Championship Series in Season 11 are yet to be announced as fans gear up for ‘The End’ event that will see the conclusion of Season 10.

As more squads are confirmed, you can be sure to find all the latest news and updates right here.

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