All boss locations in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

A Fortnite BossEpic Games

Every season of Fortnite has its own boss fights dotted around the map, so we’ve put together all the boss locations in Chapter 4: Season 1 to help you find them.

Whichever season of Fortnite you’re playing, there are always plenty of things to discover around the map – whether that’s NPCs who sell Exotic weapons, wild animals to ride on, or locations themed on your favorite movies.

There’s also usually at least one boss fight to encounter in each season. These dangerous NPCs will attack you on sight and have some powerful weapons (as well as plenty of health) so they’re very difficult to defeat.

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You’ll get some great rewards for taking down a boss, though, and you’ll sometimes need to defeat one to complete an in-game quest. So if you’re looking for all the boss locations this season, we’ve got you covered.

A boss fight in FortniteEpic Games

All boss locations in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

There’s currently just one boss in Fortnite Chapter 4: Season 1 and that’s the Ageless Champion at The Citadel.

We found this boss inside the throne room of the main castle, although he may roam around the upper floors of the castle so you might need to do some exploring.

We’ve marked all of the current Fortnite boss locations on the map below:

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Fortnite boss locations on the mapEpic Games

How to defeat the Ageless Champion boss in Fortnite

Before you take on the Ageless Champion, you should stock up on some decent weapons. Fortunately, you can do this around The Citadel as there are plenty of regular Chests and even Oathbound Chests which contain rare weapons.

We’ve got a list of the best weapons in the current Fortnite season, but we would recommend using short-to-medium-range weapons like a shotgun or an assault rifle as there’s not really enough room to fight from a large distance inside the castle.

As for your opponent, the Ageless Champion will have a Shockwave Hammer and an Ex-Caliber Rifle, so he’ll be able to attack you whether you’re close by or far away. He’s also got a lot of health to get rid of, so be prepared for a long fight.

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The Ageless Champion Boss in FortniteEpic Games

As with any boss fight, you’ll need to focus on avoiding receiving damage as much as dishing it out. For this reason, you should always make sure you’ve got cover nearby and keep a Med-Mist or a Shield Potion in your inventory if possible.

A good approach is to squad up with friends, as this battle will be a lot easier (and faster) if you’ve got four people targeting him. If you’re feeling brave, you could even act as a distraction while the rest of your team deals damage from a safe distance.

It’s worth pointing out that if you’re trying to defeat the Ageless Champion boss as part of a quest, you only need to assist in defeating them. This means you can land one shot and then run away – as long as someone else manages to defeat them.

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That’s everything you need to know about this season’s boss locations! Check out some more handy Fortnite guides below:

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