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Ali-A reveals potential fishing changes in Fortnite Coral Castle update

Published: 3/Aug/2020 14:42

by Connor Bennett


YouTube star Ali-A has highlighted a few things that might not be too apparent to Fortnite players following the addition of the new Coral Castle POI. 

Over the course of Chapter 2, Season 3, Epic Games have been making subtle changes to the Fortnite map by lowering the water. Popular landing spots like Risky Reels, Dirty Docks, and Slurpy Swamp are all pretty much back to normal, but they’ve also added a brand new location.

Coral Castle was added on August 1, taking up the spot where the giant Whirlpool had sat. Leaks pointed to this being Atlantis, but it doesn’t quite bear the same resemblance to Aquaman’s home from the comics or movies. 


Though, the new location might just contain a few subtle hints for new updates that could be released further down the line. 

Part of the Coral Castle Fortnite POI
Epic Games
Coral Castle took the spot many expected to see Atlantis in.

Popular Fortnite content creator Ali-A pointed out that the location has a giant gold flopper statue on the balcony of one of the small buildings. But, that’s not all.

There are also fish sat in fishbowl small plinths dotted around the different buildings. You can destroy the small plinths, but you won’t get a flopper or any other loot for it. Though, that could come later down the line.

The YouTuber notes that there are apparently new fish, as well as a fishing book to keep a log of your catches, coming in the future. His theory points to these small fish being set free in the future and becoming catchable. 


Outside of that theory, he also noted that if you complete the spaceship challenges behind Craggy Cliffs, you will be able to use rifts. That’s right, rifts are back – if only in a small way.

Now, there’s no real way of telling whether or not Epic will release the fish or the rifts on a wider scale, but the theory is plausible.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.