Ali-A reveals “cheat” to get Legendary MK-Seven in Fortnite Season 2

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Fortnite content creator Ali-A revealed a simple “cheat” to get his hands on the removed Legendary MK-Seven assault rifle during Season 2.

Fortnite Chapter 3 introduced one of the best weapons to ever grace the battle royale: the MK-Seven assault rifle. The rifle featured Fortnite’s first-ever red dot sight and ignored the game’s controversial bloom mechanic.

However, at the start of Season 2, players were disappointed to realize the MK-Seven wasn’t in the game. While it didn’t spawn as floor loot or in chests, dataminers discovered it hadn’t been vaulted either.

In fact, the rifle could still be found in-game but only by very few players. In a recent video, Ali-A shows how to find the “cheaty” weapon.

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Ali-A “cheats” to use removed MK-Seven assault rifle

In his video, Ali-A shows players that some items stored in tents during Season 1 were still there in Season 2. For example, the MK-Seven of any rarity could be withdrawn if stored during Season 1, but the Spider-Man Web-Shooters were removed.

Luckily, Ali-A stored a Legendary MK-Seven in his tent before the end of Season 1. However, he’d only have one chance to use it before he’d have to store it in the tent again. If he was eliminated, he would lose the gun forever.

The YouTuber isn’t fully wrong when he says he is “cheating” by using the gun, as it isn’t meant to be in the game. This is likely because it would have been ridiculously overpowered in the Zero Build modes.

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That being said, the MK-Seven received a recent nerf significantly reducing its damage. Ali-A went on to place second with six eliminations, but was able to store his MK in a tent before he was eliminated.

If you don’t have an MK-Seven in your tent, don’t worry. Fortnite is running a limited-time event from April 2-4 where both the MK-Seven and Combat Assault Rifle will be available.

After which, players can vote using gold bars on which weapon they want in Fortnite permanently.

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