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Ali-A, Nick Eh 30 & more react to new Fortnite lever action shotgun: Is it OP?

Published: 13/Jan/2021 20:42

by Tanner Pierce


With the brand new Fortnite update, Epic Games added Lever Action Shotgun to the game and it seems to output an insane amount of base damage, dwarfing other shotguns, but it also has a questionable accuracy problem.

Every time a new weapon is added into Fortnite, it has the potential to change up the metagame a significant amount. While some never even make a mark, the community always pays attention when it happens. Because of that, all eyes are on the new Lever Action Shotgun, which was added in with the new update.

Currently, players are scrambling to find out exactly where the new gun lands compared to others not only in its class, but in the entire game. Now, we have some early reactions from some streamers and suffice to say there’s a variety of opinions right now.


On January 13, YouTuber Ali-A released a video talking about the new gun. While he initially said that the shotgun was “the best that Fortnite has ever seen” due to its high amount of base damage and quick rechamber speed, he quickly seemed to back off, stating that it actually might be a bit underpowered.

The problem comes from the fact that the spread and accuracy seems to be incredibly weak. In a tweet posted to his Twitter account, he showed that a near-point black shot on an enemy with the uncommon version only netted him three pellet hits and 32 damage, which is very weak.


That being said, the base damage of the weapon is actually higher than others in the game right now like the Tactical Shotgun, meaning that, if you can get all of the pellets to hit your target, you have the potential to deal some heavy hits.

The weaknesses of the Lever Action Shotgun, however, don’t seem to be all that detrimental for some. Twitch Streamer NickEh30 posted on Twitter that the new weapon gets his approval. In addition, during a recent stream, he also said “I like it, I like it a lot”, after winning a gunfight with it.


Streamers x2Twins also seemed to like it, stating that “the Lever Action Shotgun is kind of a demon”. The pair doesn’t seem to be too confident, however, adding “maybe?” and “we’re not sure”, signifying that more testing might have to be done before determining just how good or bad it really is.

Both NickEh30 and x2Twins reactions can be seen in a video from Daily Clip Central below.

(NickEh30’s reaction starts at 9:12 and x2Twins reactions start at 11:50 for mobile users)

All in all, while it might take some time to know the full ramifications, it seems like it’s an overall positive improvement and has a good balance. Here’s hoping that this is actually the case.