Ali-A gives Fortnite players first look at next-gen graphics

Ali-A gives Fortnite players first look at next-gen graphics

Published: 17/Sep/2020 16:31

by David Purcell


YouTuber Alistair ‘Ali-A’ Aiken has released footage of how Fortnite Battle Royale will look with its next-gen update, giving PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC players a flavor of what’s to come. 

The popular content creator is known for finding some of the game’s biggest secrets and tricks. Many of his videos drop following patches, where he looks through different skins and leaks.

Though, one day before everybody else, he rolled out a new video showing off how graphics will soon look in the battle royale title.

Ali-A shows off Fortnite next-gen

On September 16, Ali-A posted a video to his YouTube channel showing off what he described as Fortnite 2.0. He put in the new parts needed to run Fortnite next-gen on PC, and off he went!


After picking up a few eliminations, he opened up about the game’s new performance. He said: “I have never had performance like this in Fortnite, even with the old setting turned onto max. It’s crazy, the fact that the game can run all this, look this good, and still get such high FPS. I’m blown away.”

Segment starts at 3:44 below. 

New Fortnite update opens up next-gen graphics

The game’s developers have since rolled out a new update that allows all players to access these graphics, if they own NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPU cards and DirectX12.

As the trailer shows, not to mention Ali-A’s footage, a boat load of graphics improvements are in the pipeline for the new Xbox and PS consoles.


PC players will also be delighted by the change, but their graphics always have the potential for improvement unlike those on console.

In an Epic Games blog post, they said: “The advanced rendering capability of ray tracing allows new visual and lighting effects previously not possible in Fortnite. With our latest update, we’re delivering improved ambient occlusion, shadows, reflections, and real-time global illumination.”

They also posted two screenshots which show the difference, as seen below. The one on the right is the old graphics, and the left shows the changes. Clearly, there’s a hell of a difference with reflections.


Fortnite on PS5 and Xbox Series X
Epic Games
Here’s how current and next-gen graphics compare in Fortnite.

How to get next-gen graphics in Fortnite

If you would like to jump into the game and visit the exact same place these screenshots were taken, you’re going to need to enter Creative mode on PC.

You will also need the parts listed by Epic. To access the new tech, enter the following code to spawn there: 189-0518-5408.

Soon enough, this will be the normal in Fortnite – so get used to it!