Ali-A gets inside secret Spawn Island vault in Fortnite

Tanner Pierce. Last updated: Sep 09, 2020
Epic Games / Ali-A

Popular YouTuber Ali-A has managed to glitch inside of the secret vault found on the Helicarrier Spawn Island in Fortnite and it’s contents are a bit underwelming, to say the least.

Season 4 of Fortnite Chapter 2 saw the inclusion of a slew of Marvel Comics-themed weapons, characters, items, and even locations to the game. Players are able to fly around as Iron Man, wield Thor’s mighty hammer, and even glide on the Silver Surfer’s board.

One of the changes made this season on Spawn Island, which was converted into a SHIELD Helicarrier. On the island, fans noticed that there was a secret vault that required a keycard in order to open but no one seemed to be able to get into it. That is, until now.

Popular YouTuber Ali-A has managed to get inside of the locked off vault byways of glitching, but if you’re expecting a grand reveal of content, you won’t be getting it.

Epic Games
Up until this point, nobody knew what was inside the mysterious vault in Fortnite.

Ali-A managed to glitch through the invisible wall near the side of the map with a boat, then build a ramp up and drive the boat on it, before landing on the Helicarrier.

He then used another glitch (which was blurred so that he doesn’t actually show how to perform the glitch), placing him inside the locked room itself.

So what’s inside the vault, you may ask? Nothing. Which shouldn’t really come as a shock to most people. If an area isn’t supposed to be accessed a game, generally speaking, they won’t put anything in there, as that just takes up unnecessary memory that bogs down the system, even a tiny bit.

Does this mean that the vault will always be like this? More than likely, the developers will add something to the vault once it’s meant to be opened the proper way. While there’s no telling exactly when that will be, it’s probably bound to happen at some point during this season.

While the reveal of what’s inside the vault is certainly disappointing, here’s hoping that something interesting will be added in the near future.