A random cube fragment spawn causes a streamer to lose a Fortnite game in hilarious fashion

by Mitch Reames


A streamer named Kendama was down to the last four people in a game of Fortnite when he fell victim to some of the worst luck imaginable.


While running around a structure on the outskirts of Pleasant Park, Kendama suddenly found himself unable to move.

A cube monster spawn landed directly on top of him, filling his screen with purple and causing his teammate to begin laughing hysterically.


He wasn’t sure what had happened, but his teammate seemed to figure it out immediately and told him to start mining his way out. He was still stuck when the cube monsters descended upon him.

By the time he escaped the trap, the cube monsters were just about to finish him off for good.


Because this was just a casual game, Kendama couldn’t help but laugh at the circumstances. However, this moment shows exactly why Fortnite needed to keep the game on the previous balance patch for the TwitchCon Fall Skirmish.

In a casual game, this is funny, with $2.6 million on the line, nobody would be laughing.

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