A new countdown clock for Fortnite's mysterious Ice Storm event has appeared

by Wyatt Donigan


The mysteries of Fortnite's Season 7 have just gotten even more interesting with the sudden appearance of a countdown clock surrounding the floating orb over Polar Peak. 


As was the case with the last few seasons of Fortnite, new and mysterious happenings have popped up all over the map, leaving players anxious for the next clues on what's next for the story. 

The biggest mystery of Season 7 got underway with the orb showing up above Polar Peak and it looks to have now gotten even more interesting with the latest discovery. 


While players have already managed to get a peek at what's inside the orb, everyone can now easily see the Ice King standing inside of it as the orb has gone transparent. 

Not only that, but what appears to be a countdown clock surrounding the orb is now visible, possibly signaling the upcoming arrival of the previously leaked Ice Storm event. 

A new countdown has begun in Fortnite.

With the clock having appeared around 2pm EST, it's likely that the countdown will end around that same time on January 19. 

What happens once it does end is currently unknown, but we have a good idea on what could be on the way thanks to previous leaks. 

It's expected that once the countdown finally ends, Zombies will likely return to Fortnite, giving us a Fortnite version of some Game of Throne-style mayhem

Previous leaks have all but confirmed the return of Zombies with the upcoming Ice Storm event.


Of course, nothing has been confirmed by Epic Games, but leaks such as these have ended up being spot on in the past, meaning that Zombies will most certainly be on their way back to Fortnite once this countdown ends. 

Another in-game event is certainly great news, but there's no telling how the community will react to more Zombies given their incredibly negative reaction to them during last October's Fortnitemares event. 

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