A New and Improved Guided Missile is Returning to Fortnite

The ‘Guided Missile’ will be returning to Fortnite: Battle Royale after being ‘Vaulted’ by Epic Games due to issues.

After first being introduced to Fortnite back in March, the Guided Missile was eventually removed from the game and placed in the ‘Vault’ after players reported a number of issues with the weapon.

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On July 27, Epic Games announced in their weekly ‘Dev Update’ that the Guided Missile will be returning to Fortnite after the developer made changes to the weapon in order to make it more of a ‘scouting tool.’

Although Epic loved all the ‘fun and crazy moments’ that the weapon brought to the battlefield, they shared the ‘same concerns’ as the Fortnite community in regards to its power on the map, which led to it being vaulted.

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A full list of changes for the Guided Missile can be found below.

Guided Missile Adjustments: Fortnite Dev Update – July 27

  • Reduced movement speed
  • Reduced turning radius
  • Reduced damage and damage radius
  • Ammo cap of 12 in Default Modes
  • Improved movement control for mouse & keyboard

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As of writing, it is unknown when the Guided Missile will be returning to Fortnite: Battle Royale.

The full Fortnite Dev Update from July 27 can be viewed below.