A Mysterious Countdown Is Being Broadcasted In Fortnite Battle Royale For Nintendo Switch Users

by Scott Mahoney


On the Nintendo Switch platform of Fortnite, there is a mysterious television broadcast featuring a mysterious countdown in sizeable red font across the in-game map. 

Speculation surrounding the countdown knows no bounds, but there is little known about what the timer represents. 


The developers have used the in-game television sets to relay messages to players in the past, and the strategy has become a go-to for signaling significant changes.

At the end of season three, the television sets were used to broadcast an image of a llama and a message in Morse Code that said: “They don’t want us to k….”


The countdown on the Nintendo Switch looks eerily similar to the image of the skull appearing across other platforms in the Snobby Shores location. 

At this time it is unknown if the two events are connected, but it seems as if we will know sooner than later.

Less than two days are remaining on the countdown, at the time of writing this. 


With the arrival of the ‘Omen’ character in store, the ‘Visitor’ being unlocked by the Blockbuster Challenge, and the ‘Evil Lair’ location housing many of the hop rocks that were previously found around the map it is possible that the countdown is going to involve the massive missile at that location. 

Another speculation believes it could be a cross-platform announcement coming to Nintendo Switch. 

We will keep you updated as more develops.