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5 big changes Fortnite Season 2 needs

Published: 19/Feb/2020 16:08

by Eli Becht


Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is just right around the corner and here are five changes we’d like to see Epic Games implement.

With the longest season in Fortnite’s short history set to end on February 20 and Season 2 confirmed to start at the same time, there’s no doubt that the game’s developers will be looking to shuffle the pack.

The start of a season usually brings many radical changes such as new weapons, items, and map changes, so players will presumably have a lot to look forward to. The teasers have already hinted at a number of fresh changes so far, including the potential return of dynamite, a golden theme, as well as some peculiar cat references as well – with one having the text “Nine Lives” on it.


Epic Games
Here’s just one of many Fortnite Season 2 teasers that have been revealed by Epic Games.

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The inaugural season of Chapter 2 ended up being the longest one the game has ever seen and it really wore out its welcome for many players.

Epic Games would usually release a weekly update that added new content into the game, but that just hasn’t been the case these past four months. One thing’s for certain and it’s that Fortnite could use a shot in the arm in terms of new content.

So, here are the five new additions we’d like to see in Season 2.

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5. More mobility options

Epic Games
Epic Games
Ballers were highly controversial but at least players could travel the map with them.

If there’s anything that has become abundantly clear over the course of this season it’s that the game doesn’t have nearly enough mobility options available. It’s actually become very slow.


With the new map featuring more waterways than ever before, the boats were a good addition, but they didn’t really help a whole lot on land. You might be able to steer them outside of water, but they don’t move an awful lot.

Near the end of the season with update v11.50, Launch Pads were reintroduced into the game, but it was a case of too little, too late. We hope Epic Games will bring back some options in the future, whether it’s a new vehicle, unvaulting items like the Impulse Grenades or even the Flintknock Pistol.


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4. Switch out unpopular locations

Epic Games
Epic Games
Get rid of Retail Row. There, we said it.

The Chapter 2 map was very well received when it first debuted. A lot of this came down to the sheer mystery of it all since players had to discover landmarks on their own.

However, there ended up being some boring and unpopular spots and we’d like to see those removed in the next season.

Places like Wailing Woods and Retail Row, while fine on their own, would be on the chopping block for us since they’ve been around since the beginning of the battle royale mode.

Fortnite is in such a different spot now that we’d be fine just seeing a complete overhaul with all brand-new locations.


3. Balance controller aim assist

Epic Games
Ninja wants the Infantry Rifle back.

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A major debate raging in Fortnite right now is whether or not aim assist is too powerful for controller players.

We saw the first controller player ever win a LAN event during the Fortnite Australian Open and pros didn’t seem too happy about that. Almost any time we see Tfue get eliminated by a player, he blames it on a controller player, whether that’s true or not.

Ninja has actually come out and said he misses the Infantry Rifle because it’d be a counter to console players. This gun is different than any we’ve seen before in Fortnite considering it has perfect accuracy. All you have to do is aim and shoot, and if you have pinpoint accuracy your shot will hit.


2. Change the leveling system

Epic Games.
Epic Games
Leveling up is loud.

Doing pretty much anything in Chapter 2 will set off a series of notifications that make a loud noise. If you manage to complete a few challenges at once and level up from it, then you can pretty much kiss any sense of awareness you have goodbye for at least a minute.

This can become very frustrating if it happens during a battle, so we’d like to see it reworked in some way. For starters, we’d like to have the option to turn off notifications.

Believe it or not, some players play Fortnite to have fun instead of doing it just to complete challenges. These players are likely the ones that would become annoyed with the constant audio cues going off for pretty much doing anything.

1. Bring back patch notes

Epic Games
Who would have thought we’d miss patch notes so much?

This is perhaps the best change we can think of for the upcoming season. With the start of Chapter 2, Epic Games decided that patch notes were no longer a necessary thing to release for each update.

Instead, players would have to figure out the changes on their own and that could quickly lead to issues since there’s no definitive way of telling what was actually changed.

As the season wore on, Epic Games did actually release patch notes, but they weren’t as in-depth as they had been in the past. With Season 2, we’d like to see a true return to form so we actually know what the updates actually did instead of just having to guess.

There are plenty of other changes Epic could make going forward, and there’s a good chance that players might not agree with all of them.

No matter what happens in Season 2, just like many other people, we’re excited to see this phase of Fortnite finally come to an end.