13-year-old Fortnite World Cup star shares heart-warming moment with dad after winning $900k


The Fortnite World Cup is over with Sentinels pro Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf becoming the first-ever solo World Champion – however, one young player from Argentina stole the show.

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Bugha secured a Victory Royale in game one of the solo tournament and never left first place in the subsequent five matches as he picked up multiple eliminations on the way to racking up numerous placement points. No-one was able to catch up meaning he scooped the $3m top prize.

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Despite Bugha’s remarkable performances, fans were left shocked by the showing of one young Fortnite pro in particular, 13-year-old Argentinean star – Thiago ‘King’ Lapp – who ended the tournament in fifth place.

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Epic GamesBugha secured the first ever solo World Cup trophy.

The youngster qualified for both the duo and solo World Cup finals but flourished when playing on his own. His ridiculous aggression and insane close-quarter combat left Fortnite fans and casters amazed.

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King quickly built up a large number of points thanks to his eliminations, killing huge Fortnite stars like Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney in the process, meaning he finished in fifth place – winning an eye-watering $900,000.

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After the matches had wrapped up, footage emerged of a heart-warming scene between King and his dad embracing following his son’s amazing accomplishment.

According to Check-in Price, the average salary in Argentina is roughly $324 meaning the amount of money he won should be life-changing for his family. In the clip, his dad repeated “todo tuyo” which translates to “all yours”.

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King has proven he has what it takes to perform on the main stage meaning he should be one to watch in future Fortnite competition, such as the brand new Fortnite Championship Series for Season 10.

One thing is for sure, his World Cup showing has earned him plenty of new fans.

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