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Fortnite Battle Royale • Jun 16, 2018

13 and 17 Year Old Pro Players Win KEEMSTAR $20,000 Friday Fortnite Week 6 Celebrity Tournament - Recap and Final Placements

13 and 17 Year Old Pro Players Win KEEMSTAR $20,000 Friday Fortnite Week 6 Celebrity Tournament - Recap and Final Placements

At only thirteen and seventeen years old, Team Secret's "Mongraal" and "Domentos" have won week 6 of KEEMSTAR and UMG Gaming's Friday Fortnite tournament.

The pair beat out Team Liquid's "72hrs" and compLexity's "Hogman" to take home the massive $10,000 grand prize and are thoroughly deserving champions, after putting on a dominant showing.

The team walked through the winners bracket, taking out a number of high profile players including Dr DisRespect and OpTic Gaming's Jack "CouRage" Dunlop.

Making to Grand Finals through the winners bracket, they were able to drop the first series against their opponents, but in the second series they closed it out in style.

Run by popular YouTuber and host of Drama Alert Daniel 'KEEMSTAR' Keem and UMG, the sixth Friday Fortnite tournament on June 15th featured some of the biggest names of the online gaming and content world, specifically in the Fortnite community.

There are a number of professional players from FaZe Clan, Team SoloMid, 100 Thieves and OpTic Gaming, plus YouTubers and Twitch streamers such as Ninja, Dr DisRespect and RiceGum.

Last week's champions, FaZe Tfue and Cloak, were eliminated by TSM players Myth and Hamlinz, finishing top 8.


Friday Fortnite Week 6 Final Placements - June 15th

Place Team Prize
1 Mongraal & Domentos $10,000
2 72hrs & coL Hogman $7,000
3 Avxry & OPscT $3,000
4 Myth & Hamlinz
5/6 RiceGum & 2pac
5/6 Dr DisRespect & Krafty
7/8 FaZe Tfue & FaZe Cloak
7/8 Ninja & Daequan
9/12 DrLupo & Gingerpop
9/12 King Richard & Aimbotcalvin
9/12 NICKMERCS & SypherPK
9/12 GhostNinja & Big Foltz
13/16 Vikkstar123 & Wintrrz
13/16 OpTic CouRage & Baldy
13/16 100T Risker & 100T Parallax
13/16 iRunYew & AgholorTV
17/24 RequiemSlaps & CDNThe3rd
17/24 NickEh30 & ONE_shot_Gurl
17/24 Mitch Jones & Gernaderjake
17/24 DolanDark & Nopeifyaltalt
17/24 FaZe Cizzors & Valkyrae
17/24 Jaomock & Zuckles
17/24 TypicalGamer & SoaR Thief
17/24 Nick28T & Nepenthez
25/32 KYR SP33DY & SideArms
25/32 TSM CaMiLLs & FaZe Tennpo
25/32 Joogsquad & Quickselect
25/32 TheBurntChip & TheoBaker
25/32 Chance & fruitcake
25/32 TBNRFrags & Lachy
25/32 BobbyBoJanglles & Bchillz
25/32 Chica & MrBeast

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