100 Thieves Pro Fortnite Player Thinks the Game Could Make Some Improvements

One of the newest editions to the 100 Thieves organization, Archie ‘Parallax’ Shrader lent his opinion on the current state of Fortnite and how things could improve for a more balanced game. 

In a recent Reddit post, Parallax attempted to cover how the most recent updates have changed the in-game meta by breaking down the changes and addressing what he believed was good and bad about them.

The shotgun changes have been a hot topic around the community, and he believes that the nerf to damage means there is little reason to use the Tactical Shotgun.

In the explanation, he says the reduction of pump shotgun damage had thrown the system in disarray as before the ability to one shot opponents allowed the game to be balanced.

Another topic the 100 Thieves player addressed was trap damage detailing that developers have missed the mark and should be at set to 100 rather than the current 150 or previous 75.

He also addressed one of the most controversial changes in Fortnite, the material and llama nerf.

Material Nerf / Llama Nerf / Farmed Materials

As of recent Llamas were nerfed. Rockets removed, and mat’s lowered. While I do agree 1500 was quite a bit for getting a llama which in Solos/Duos and even Squads could be a game changer. That’s half of the max materials you can carry. While on the other hand, it gave 500 metal. Which is 50 metal walls worth of building. Putting together a base and setting up on high ground with that type of building material makes it rough for other teams to push. Personally I believe the materials given from a llama should scale from game mode.
Solos are : 200 Wood / 100 Brick / 0 Metal. Duos are : 300 Wood / 200 Brick / 100 Metal. Squads are : 300 Wood / 300 Brick / 200 Metal.
While some may argue it is difficult to find a llama, for those who survive to late game, loot often trickles down the players onto the last alive. Which can carry over from anyone. 100 Players, and a relatively small map means 3 llamas are an easy find.
Overall material gathering should be buffed to 25% of it’s normal gather rate.

Ground material nerf.

Unsure why this was even changed.

Farming materials.

Did anyone play Season 2? Remember those vibrant, yellow-green pine trees that gave 50 wood per? Those were the trees to farm, not the big broccoli trees. Well that’s changed. Some of the items in the game that can be farmed for materials should be balanced, or buffed. I don’t believe everyone should be able to easily get 999 of each material like in Blitz, although I DO believe the normal game mode’s farming is far too low. Possibly buff it by 20% entirely?

The pro player would like to see other inconsistencies improved as well to round a game that he enjoys.

Epic Games has considered user feedback in the past, so it is possible that some of these changes could be implemented soon.

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