100 Thieves MrSavage & team banned during FNCS Grand Finals

100 Thieves / Epic Games

Pro Fortnite player, MrSavage of 100 Thieves was competing in the EU FNCS Finals to earn a share of $1.2 million. Things were going well for his team until he was banned mid-tournament causing him and his team to lose out on crucial points. 

The Fortnite Championship Series is a trios tournament where teams compete against one another to rack up the most points possible. The winning team takes home $300,000 of the $1.2 million they are playing for.

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The finals are a two-day tournament where teams will play 12 games over that course. Points are awarded based on placement and kills.

MrSavage and his team were sitting in a good spot in the Top-5. However, things got complicated when MrSavage received a notification that he was banned.

Fortnite pro MrSavage banned from Fortnite

While playing in the tournament the pro was informed by an Epic Games pop-up that there was an error putting him into his next match.

MrSavage informed his viewers that he has never cheated or done anything of that nature. After reaching out to Epic Games, he revealed that they were reversing his ban.

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He later went on to send out a video showcasing why he was banned. Apparently, a Russian streamer asked his stream to mass report MrSavage and his team to get them banned.

Clearly, enough people reported the pro player that he was automatically banned by the system. Not only did this hurt his team but impacted the whole tournament.

MrSavage’s team was handed a couple of bans, but so did other players competing as well. Fortnite Competitive sent out a message that Games 4 & 5 from the first day will not count and be replayed at the end of day two.

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While there has been no confirmation if the mass reports are what led to these players being banned, the community wants to know what will be done in future tournaments to make sure this doesn’t happen.

For now, players are left with a two-game replay to try and make right of the error that hurt teams in day one.