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TSM Myth details how to improve chests in Fortnite

Published: 11/Mar/2019 16:52

by Eli Becht


TSM Myth wants major changes to come to chests in Fortnite that would prevent grey items from showing up in them.

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Fortnite has added in numerous items since its launch which can be a little overwhelming to newer or returning players.

Due to the abundance of new items, some of bound to show up in chests but that might not always be a good thing.

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If you’ve noticed, grey items have a tendency to show up in chests which are certainly not things you’re hoping to find when you open up a chest.


TSM Myth is calling for an end to this by completely removing grey items in chests.

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Myth sent out a tweet asking for the removal of grey items in chests which has garnered over 14,000 likes, showing a large portion of the community agrees with him.

With all of the new and powerful items in the game, there’s really no reason for grey items to have any sort of appearance in chests as they are already prevalent enough as floor loot.

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Chests are difficult to come by in the later portions of the game which makes finding a grey item even more disappointing than it is when you find one in the early game.


Some players have taken the argument to another level by saying grey weapons should be removed from Fortnite entirely.

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That seems like a big stretch to take so we’ll stick with removing grey items from chests for now.