Fortnite Battle Royale

Top 10 TSM Daequan Fortnite moments

by Dustin Steiner


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We're looking back at some of Team SoloMid's Fortnite superstar Daequan's iconic moments from throughout his career.

In the world of Fortnite, there are not many names bigger and more recognizable than that of Daequan. One of Team SoloMid’s original four Fortnite pro players, Daequan set the bar high when it came to the popular battle royale: popularizing the famous “Double Pump,” winning a multitude of tournaments and constantly injecting comedy into his content.


Despite the superstar streamer’s long absences in 2019 due to health problems, he remains one of the most popular content creators out there, so we’ve compiled ten of the best moments ever from his stream.

10. Playing with his Food

At number 2 we have a prime example for why Daequan, in his day, was considered one of the best Fortnite players in the world. Expert use of both the Bouncer and Grappler saw the TSM star win an incredible gunfight and secure a tough Victory Royale with the storm closing in.

1. Ninja the Hype Man

As the face of the Double Pump movement, it’s only fitting that the number one moment from Daequan’s streaming career features him using and abusing the mechanic to finish off a trio of players by himself and getting the Victory Royale from a seemingly unwinnable situation. Oh, and it helps that Ninja was hyping him up the whole time.

There you have it - ten of the best moments from Daequan's streaming career. The TSM star has already announced his plans to make 2020 "his year," so expect a lot more comedy, expert gameplay, and spicy trash-talk in the upcoming year.

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