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Tfue tells Epic Games "go f*** yourself" after BRUTE Mech crashes his game

by Connor Bennett


Fortnite star Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney launched a NSFW rant at Epic Games, telling them to “go fuck yourself” after a BRUTE Mech caused his arena game to crash while live on-stream.

Since being introduced with the start of Fortnite Season 10, the new BRUTE vehicle has caused plenty of controversy within the game. Players, professional and casual alike, have already stated their displeasure about the Mechs - calling on Epic Games to make a change.

As one of, if not the, most high profile names in Fortnite, Tfue has also called out the developers for introducing the armed vehicle - even going as far as claiming he is ready to uninstall the game completely. Yet, he took things up a notch with a pretty NSFW rant about the BRUTE. 

Epic Games
Epic Games
Fortnite fans have been left raging by the new BRUTE mechs.

During his August 3 stream, Tenney had been playing competitive games alongside duo partner Dennis ‘cloak’ Lepore and Team Liquid’s ‘Vivid’. 

Amid the mid-stages of one match, Tfue got caught up in a fight with a pretty beaten up BRUTE that was on its way to blowing up. Tenney rain downed bullets on the Mech, helping speed up its destruction before his game crashed and he was greeted with an error message.

The Fortnite star didn’t take too kindly to that, throwing a punch into his desk before standing up and ranting into his mic. “I fucking hate everything about these fucking Mechs, they can go fuck themselves,” he stated. “If Epic Games is watching my stream, go fuck yourself until you take these out of the game because they don’t fucking do anything positive - they’re all negative. Fuck yourself.” 

Will Epic ever nerf the BRUTE?

While the BRUTE Mechs won’t be removed permanently any time soon, there might be some hope in that they become less annoying for Tfue. 

A leaked conversation between a fan and an ‘Epic Games Expert’ on the game’s support system suggested that there is a nerf coming soon due to the overwhelming amount of complaints from players. The expert stated that so much so, the developers might even take them out of competitive modes entirely.

Of course, the developers themselves have said nothing yet about changing the BRUTE Mechs, so it remains to be seen as to if they will actually make changes. 

The next patch, the v10.10 update should be expected on Thursday, August 8 so we’ll all have to wait until then.