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Playground Mode Finally Returns to Fortnite After the Highly Anticipated Launch Ended With it Being Disabled

by Ross Deason


Epic Games has finally re-enabled the Playground Limited Time Mode after it was removed just hours after it was launched.

The Playground Mode was originally announced in May but it didn’t go live until June 27th as part of the V4.5 patch that also added the Dual Pistols.


Although not a fully customizable mode, the Playground LTM is the first step towards a mode that allows players to practice as a solo or a team with more resource generation, more time to explore the map, and instant respawns.

Friendly fire is also enabled and every single treasure chest and ammo crate is spawned for every game so you’ll never be short of weapons.


Unfortunately, just hours after it was released, the Playground Mode was disabled by Epic Games due to the need to “investigate some issues with out matchmaking services.”

The news was greeted with a great deal of disappointment and the downtime continued overnight and throughout the following day. Finally, on June 29th, the developers announced that is back online and ready to play:


The Playground Mode was a massive hit for the few hours at that it was live and now the players that missed out on it on June 27th will get the chance to try it out for themselves.

Fans of the game will be hoping that the issue has been fixed correctly and that there isn’t a repeat of the Shopping Cart saga that saw the metal trolleys disabled and re-enabled numerous times before they were finally fixed.

If you want to know more about the Playground Limited Time Mode, check out our guide which bullet points all of the confirmed features.