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Players report major issues with Fortnite Chapter 2 on console

Published: 4/Nov/2019 20:49 Updated: 4/Nov/2019 21:06

by Eli Becht


Fortnite Chapter 2 has arrived on every platform but PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch players are all reporting major problems with the game.

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Ever since Fortnite launched, it has never been the most demanding game in terms of hardware required, but it still always performed the best on PC.

For the most part, the console performance wasn’t too shabby, but with the implementation of Chapter 2, players have been having massive problems with the way the game runs, to the point that it’s not even enjoyable anymore.

Epic GamesFishing up performance issues!
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Reddit user ‘Nimbl_’ captured all the problems they’ve been experiencing such as item glitches, performance glitches, and slowdowns, all in one clip.


To make matters even worse, they aren’t the only ones who have been experiencing issues like this, but it’s a lot more widespread than that.

Recent console performance all in one clip: can’t pop big pot, can’t shoot my gun (it’s not even in my hand), damage I take takes like 5 seconds to register, game nearly totally freezes placing a trap… from r/FortNiteBR

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The bottom line here is that console performance for Fortnite Chapter 2 is currently a bit of a mess, especially for those using base PS4, and Xbox Ones. The enhanced consoles are able to get a bit better performance, but it’s still not great.

While Chapter 2 performance isn’t perfect on the Switch, it’s worth mentioning the game has never really run well on Nintendo’s handheld.

For starters, the game is targeting just 30 frames-per-second on the Switch, down from 60 on every other platform – including mobile.


Epic GamesConsole players are reporting many problems with Fortnite Chapter 2.
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It’s disappointing to see that performance has dropped to this level with the start of a new season and we hope the team at Epic will be able to right the ship.

Fortnite has certainly grown a lot from its debut back in 2017, and perhaps it’s becoming too much for the current generation of consoles to handle.

We’re still about a year out from the next-gen so hopefully, it’s something Epic can fix so Fortnite will be enjoyable again on consoles.