Leaked Fortnite LTM puts fresh twist on classic Call of Duty mode

. 3 years ago

A new twist on the popular Call of Duty-inspired Gun Game mode looks set to hit Fortnite in the near future.

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Epic Games loves to put a Fortnite-style twist on things we’ve seen in other games in the past. Be it things like their Team Rumble limited time mode, adding iconic weapons from other multiplayer titles or even seemingly taking inspiration for their in-game skins.

Yet, it seems like they aren’t finished yet and could be retreading a well-walked path that has been made popular in a number of previous Call of Duty titles.

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Epic Games
Fortnite players are always looking to play Epic Games’ new LTMs.

What is Fortnite’s Reverse Gun Game LTM?

According to a new leak from Fortnite dataminer FortTory, a new Reverse Gun Game LTM looks to be ready to launch in-game – with the dataminer tweeting an image of what it would look like in the game’s main menu.

The apparent description for the mode reads: All players start with the same powerful weapon. Eliminating a player grants a weapon of slightly less power. The first to make it through every weapon, from best to worst, earns the Victory Royale!”

With multiple kills being required to work your way up the ranks, it appears as if the LTM would be a respawn mode of some sort – marking a shift for Fortnite’s usual ‘you’re eliminated so move on to the next game’ format.

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What weapons are in the Reverse Gun Game LTM?

While the idea seems nailed down from Epic, little is known about the potential order of weapons that a player would start with or if the mode will cater to just solo’s, as FortTory’s image shows, of potentially squads and duos.

It’s not hard to figure that players might start with the rare Heavy Sniper Rifle before working their way down to an Epic Assault Rifle and so on – dwindling all the way down to that dreaded common Pistol.

Who knows, in a cruel twist of fate, you may even have to get your final kill using your chosen pickaxe. It just remains to be seen what order Epic sets for the LTM.

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