Fortnite Battle Royale

How to find the secret Battle Star for Season 8, Week 9 Discovery challenge

by Matt Porter


v8.50 update for the popular battle royale title dropped on Thursday, April 25, bringing with it a brand new Avengers Endgame Limited Time Mode as excitement builds to the release of the movie on April 26.

Along with the new Endgame LTM, data miners have uncovered a number of new cosmetic items, alongside the Season 8 Week 9 loading screen, which will allow players to complete this week’s Discovery challenge.

Epic Games
Epic Games
A look at the Fortnite Battle Royale Season 8 Week 9 loading screen.


Where is the hint on the Season 8 Week 9 loading screen?

Like every week, Epic Games have hidden a clue on the loading screen to direct players to where they need to go to find the Battle Star they’re searching for.

Much like previous editions of the challenge, the developers have refrained from putting the actual location on the screen, but instead opted to provide a simple clue that players will have to decipher if they want to figure out where they need to go.

This one is a little more difficult than in past weeks, but if you look just above the outstretched left arm of the Peely skin, you should be able to make out the shape of a boat etched into the walls of the cave they are in. If you’re struggling to spot it, we’ve marked it on the image below.

Epic Games
Epic Games
The hint is carved into the wall of the cave in the Season 8 Week 9 loading screen.


Where is the hidden Battle Star for Season 8 Week 9?

Players will be heading west to find this week’s hidden Battle Star, as it is located at the Viking Village which sits on top of a hill close to Polar Peak.

The star is expected to appear in the main boat situated in the middle of the location, so finding it shouldn’t be too difficult once you get there.

Epic Games
Epic Games
Here's where you need to go to find the hidden Battle Star.

How to complete the Season 8 Week 9 Discovery challenge

  1. Complete all seven of the Fortnite Battle Royale Season 8 Week 9 challenges.
  2. Unlock the loading screen as the reward for completing the challenges.
  3. Head to the Viking Village west of Polar Peak.
  4. Interact with the Battle Star, which can be found in the large ship.

Of course, players won’t be able to attempt this week’s Discovery challenge until they have completed all seven of the weekly challenges which will unlock in the game on April 25.

If you have completed all seven though, this handy guide should let you jump in and receive your Battle Pass tier reward with ease.