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Compilation of everyone hating the Fortnite V8.30 update – Myth, Ninja and more

Published: 12/Apr/2019 15:04

by Eli Becht


Fortnite is arguably in the worse state it’s ever been, since the launch of v8.30. This fan-made compilation shows what streamers have been saying about it.

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If you’ve been following Fortnite streamers and pro players for a while, then you may have noticed the majority of them aren’t happy about the state of the battle royale title. 

A lot of the criticism stems from Epic Games removing siphon from regular lobbies, the introduction of The Baller and numerous unfixed glitches that remain in the game.

Epic GamesThe Baller has faced some scrutiny from Fortnite’s competitive community.
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Players are not happy with Fortnite

Many players have reached their boiling point with frustrations spilling over on stream or in long Twitter threads.


This fan created a compilation of various clips from different streams, all showing the issues that are plaguing Fortnite. The video was uploaded to Reddit by user 2_clicks to the Fortnite Competitive subreddit.

State of the Game v8.3 Community Edition from r/FortniteCompetitive

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The video features many prominent faces such as Ninja, Myth doing his best Tyler1 impression and numerous other streamers showing off a plethora of problems still in the game.

Some of the things you can look forward to seeing in the video are phantom shotgun bullets, players being eliminated through their builds, having the ability to build just blocked, among other things. 

Fortnite certainly has a long way to go for it to get back to a better state and with the World Cup beginning on April 14 with qualifiers, it looks like a lot of these issues will continue to be in the game going forward.


The Ballers will be in Fortnite for at least the start of the World Cup

Epic Games released a hotfix to nerf The Baller’s health on April 11, but a section of the game’s online community is still calling for an outright removal for them.

It seems unlikely Epic Games will actually take them out of the game in the near future, as criticisms have been there from the start regarding the vehicle.

Players probably didn’t anticipate a more annoying vehicle coming to Fortnite after the planes were removed, but that’s exactly where we are.