The Fortnite ‘Trios vs Squads’ world record has finally been beaten in April 2019

The Fortnite world record for most eliminations found by a trio in a squad match has been smashed – over six months since it was originally set.

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While Fortnite players are always searching for eliminations to secure victory royales on the popular battle royale title, an especially impressive performance can sometimes secure you a place in the history books.

That has happened for a trio of players, who recently uploaded an incredible video that saw them demolish the Trios vs Squads world record that has stood since September 2018.

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Fortnite’s trios world record has stood for other six months.
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What is the new Fortnite ‘trios vs squads’ world record?

The new Fortnite ‘Trios vs Squads’ world record now sits at 56 eliminations, an incredible number considering that the team played with a one person disadvantage for the entirety of the game.

The record appears to be set by a Japanese trio, with the team named Mauchaso, Ac.Qjac and kyaroninzin.

This record of 56 defeats the old record by three, which was set by French professional Fortnite players NokSs, XMS and Renik since September.

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Nokss was part of the trio that held the Fortnite world record since September 2018.
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How did they break the record?

To set records like this, teams must split and try to take down opponents solo, and thats exactly what Mauchaso, Ac.Qjac and kyaroninzin did, with the former heading straight to Retail Row in the hunt for kills.

From there, he ended up rotating down to Paradise Palms, then across the map to the game’s final circle near Happy Hamlet, where he reunited with his teammates in the snowy biome to the southwest.

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The kill breakdown for the players was equally impressive, with all three hitting double figures with ease. The kills recorded by each player are as follows:

  1. kyaroninzin – 26 eliminations
  2. Mauchaso – 16 eliminations
  3. Ac.Qjac – 14 eliminations

Mauchaso, Ac.Qjac and kyaroninzin now join the impressive ranks of other world record holders who have shown their amazing skills to claim the top spot in their spespective categories. You can see a full list on our Fortnite world records hub.

The impressive performance now thrusts them to the top of the world records list, but it’s unlikely they will be able to hold their crown without any challenges from other Fortnite trios.

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