Fortnite set to debut new Chug Splash item in v9.30 update

Epic Games announced earlier that the v9.30 update is coming on June 18, and now Fortnite‘s in-game daily news update page has confirmed the inclusion of the new Chug Splash item.

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The in-game message of the day changed in today’s Item Shop reset, and now displays the Chug Splash item with the description of “It pays to share! Keep your squad in the game!”

The item is presumably a descendant of the Slurp Juice and the Chug Jug – two of Fortnite’s healing items. But at this time of writing, there’s no details on what the item does exactly except offer some sort of healing mechanic to the player, and presumably their teammates judging by the description.

Epic GamesThe Chug Splash is displayed in the game’s ‘message of the day’ feed.
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When does the v9.30 update go live?

The v9.30 update is set to go live on June 18 at 1 AM PT / 4 AM ET / 9 AM GMT. Downtime will begin then as well, so presume that matches will conclude roughly 30 minutes before like usual.

The update’s patch notes and a new trailer for the Chug Splash item are likely to release around fifteen minutes before.

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Will we get the Flare Gun?

Epic recently hinted at a new Flare Gun coming to Fortnite with a cinematic during its 2019 Pro-Am event in Los Angeles, California.

In the animation, a male character is stranded on a desert island, and is searching for some form of rescue. Suddenly, the infamous battle bus starts flying above him, and he immediately runs over to a wooden box marked ‘Flare Gun’.

Sadly, the character accidentally shoots down the battle bus with the Flare Gun, leaving the character stranded once more, his hopes of rescue dashed.

It’s not all bad news for the man as he’s hilariously handed a Victory Royale for taking out the entire battle bus. Win.