All Fortnite map changes with v8.40 update – Loot Lake, Retail Row and more

Fortnite’s map received a plethora of changes in v8.40 including a revamped Loot Lake, among other things.

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The v8.40 update for Fortnite changed some of the more well-known locations so things will look a lot different when you load up the game again.

Those familiar with the map as it is currently will have a lot to get used to so let’s dive right in and take a look.

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Loot Lake changes

Loot Lake had the biggest of all of the changes with this new update as it has now turned into a full-blown excavation site.

Fortnite likes to tease upcoming seasons with map changes so this will certainly be one to keep an eye on. 

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LootLakeBRLoot Lake turned into a dig site.

Retail Row changes

Retail Row received some changes that will look to revive the food fight between Durrr Burger and Tomato Town’s Pizza Pit. 

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Since the transformation of Tomato Town into Tomato Temple, it looked like the food fight debate was over but now it has a good chance to get stirred up again.

LootLakeBRThe Food Fight is back.

Snobby Shores changes

The Viking invasion continues in Snobby Shores as another house fell victim to the raid while a second house appears to be doing everything in its power to prevent a total takeover.

LootLakeBRVikings won’t be taking this house just yet.

Pleasant Park changes

Some of the houses in Pleasant Park now have secret lower levels that look like secret bunkers. It looks like it could tie into another rocket launch but that remains to be seen.

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Pizza Pit and Durrr Burger telephones

Giant phones with the Pizza Pit or Durrr Burger logo on them have been appearing since the update dropped. You can find them near The Block and Fatal Fields respectively.

These will be part of an upcoming challenge so take note of where they’re at.

LootLakeBRRing ring.

We’ll keep this post updated as more changes are discovered.

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