Fortnite: Epic Games announces change to Infinity Blade in ‘Explorer Pop-Up Cup’ mode

. 4 years ago

The newly-released Infinity Blade has been the center of much discussion, which has led to Epic Games announcing an small change to the weapon.

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The Infinity Blade was added to Fortnite with December 11’s v7.01 update and has led to outcries from all corners of the community after players used it to dominate the first day of the NA Winter Royale Finals. 

After being silent on the issue immediately following the tournament on December 11, Epic Games has now spoken out on it with the announcement of a new change. 

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Epic Games Community Coordinate ‘FreightTrainUSA’ posted a short message on Reddit saying that they’ve fixed an issue that caused the Blade to grant more HP than intended during the Explorer Pop-Up Cup tournament mode.

The Winter Royale Finals are currently being used with this rule set, which means that the change could make it a bit easier for players to kill a sword-bearing player. 

This change doesn’t tend to the overall issue of the Infinity Blade simply being incredibly strong, however. 

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Dealing 75 damage per swing, players can easily wipe out hordes of people with ease using the Infinity Blade, as demonstrated during the Winter Royale Finals on December 11. 

Many players have suggested limiting the Infinity Blade to a Limited Time Mode playlist similar to what was done with the ‘Thanos Infinity Gauntlet’ LTM. No word has been given on whether this change will be made, however. 

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