FaZe Clan's Tfue left in disbelief by bizarre Fortnite bug

FaZe Clan’s Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney was left completely puzzled by a random Fortnite error that caused him to exit the game earlier than intended.

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Who is Tfue?

The popular Fortnite professional player and streamer had been broadcasting on April 5, playing duo games with his FaZe Clan teammate Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore.  

However, one of their sessions was completely ruined by a strange Fortnite bug that forced Tfue out of the game before he even had the chance to drop, loot and wreck his enemies day.

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Instagram: FaZeThe FaZe Clan player and streamer was once the highest-earning Fortnite pro in the world.

What happened to Tfue’s Fortnite game?

“What the fuck just happened?” said Tfue, as he was sent back to the pre-game lobby after he tried to jump out of the Battle Bus.

Once the game had sent him back to the pre-game lobby, Tfue was met with a ‘there was an error’ scene but he received no sympathy from his teammate Cloak, who immediately began hysterically laughing.

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Cloak added: “get fucked idiot,” while Tfue continued to be frustrated by the strange error.

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“What the fuck was that dude?,” Tfue continued on, asking his FaZe Clan teammate to back out of the game so they could start afresh in a new game. 

“Just leave dude. What the fuck was that? This game actually fucking hates my soul dude.” Still baffled by what had just happened, Tfue finished: “What the fuck was that? Is that normal? That can’t be normal.”

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What does Epic Games do about Fortnite bugs?

While bugs and errors continue to plague plenty of other titles, Epic Games have been hard at work by trying to rectify as many as possible in their popular battle royale – even though some, like this one, still remain.

The game developers encourage players to share their bugs by reporting them to the Trello board, where they’ll then be targeted for fixes and rolled out in forthcoming updates.

It’s almost certain that whatever issue caused Tfue’s game to crash will be rectified sooner rather than later.

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