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Epic Games disable controversial item ahead of Fortnite Trios tournament

Published: 12/Jul/2019 19:48

by Eli Becht


Epic Games revealed the Storm Flip has been disabled in the Arena playlist and will not be usable in the Trip Tournament.

Right before the Epic Games-hosted Trios tournament kicks off for Fortnite, they announced that players will not have access to the Storm Flip item.


This item allows the storm to change positions and can create a bunch of chaos in endgame situations. In the Arena and tournament settings, there are many players in the final circle so the Storm Flip is game-changing.

Epic Games proved before they would disable items that compromised the competitive integrity of Fortnite and that’s what we’re seeing here.


A reason wasn’t given for it being disabled but it isn’t that hard to guess when it’s gone. The Storm Flip has always been a controversial item even since its release.

On July 10, a professional player for E11 gaming showed just how powerful the Storm Flip was in a late game as he was able to wipe pretty much the entire lobby during the final circle because of it.

Players were left scrambling and forced to change up their entire strategy while Tschinken was able to pick off players one by one.


Epic Games didn’t go into any detail as to when players can expect the Storm Flip to return. It might be in need of a simple nerf or much more work could be on the horizon.

With enough pro players complaining about it and seeing the damage it can do, it was clear something had to be done.

We’ll keep you posted about the future of the Storm Flip in Fortnite. In the meantime, enjoy your competitive playlists without it.


How to find Fortnite Season 3’s Fortilla key and open the Vault

Published: 19/Jun/2020 2:13

by Theo Salaun


Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 flooded the entire map after Midas activated the Device—but now players get their turns to flood something of their own: their inventories with loot stolen from the Fortilla Vault.

Chapter 2, Season 3 changed Fortnite’s map drastically, in one of the biggest revamps ever for the game, namely by washing away most of the game’s northwestern points of interest and sliding in the Fortilla, a brand new set of islands in the southwestern quadrant.


Aside from wanting an excuse to travel to a new destination, players can now be additionally motivated to explore the Fortilla because they can defeat a boss, obtain a keycard, and then reap the benefits of boundless, formerly vaulted loot.


fortnite season 3 map
Epic Games
Fortnite’s Season 3 map, a flooded masterpiece with some intriguing additions.

South of Holly Hedges and west of Rickety Rig, you’ll find the Fortilla: a set of small islands surrounded by about five larger islands—all covered with structures resembling a tropical shanty town.


How to open Fortilla Vault

  1. Drop at the Fortilla in Fortnite Season 3
  2. Scour the area for Ocean
  3. Eliminate Ocean
  4. Pick up Ocean’s Fortilla Keycard (and other loot)
  5. Follow the Keycard’s directions to find and unlock the vault!


As mentioned by YouTube’s ‘Gamerz World,’ the best way to find Ocean is to glide around on one of the map’s boats and listen for her because she’s a talker.

Once you defeat Ocean, you’ll get three great pieces of loot: Ocean’s Burst Assault Rifle, Ocean’s Bottomless Chug Jug, and the ever-important Fortilla Keycard.

The Chug Jug is a nasty item, as it gives you full health and shields (and offers free refills). The gun is also mighty strong, but not nearly as exciting as the keycard, which will grant you directions and access to the Vault.



how to open fortnite fortilla vault
Epic Games
The Fortilla is an expansive set of islands, covered in henchmen and beach decor.

When you have the Fortilla Keycard selected from your inventory, the game will show you arrows towards the Vault. Follow those directions, make it to the Vault, and, voila, loot as far as the eye can see. 

The new Fortilla Vault is the latest in the game since Catty Corner’s Vault was discovered. While you got some sick loot from that one, nothing is quite as quenching as Ocean’s bottomless Chug Jug.