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Epic face controversy for DQing 'screen watching' player at Fortnite World Cup

Published: 29/Jul/2019 20:21

by Brent Koepp


During the Solos portion of the Fortnite World Cup, Russian player Mark ‘letw1k3’ Danilov was disqualified after he was accused of screen watching. His ejection from the game now has some questioning Epic’s handling of the rules.

There were a lot of stand out moments in the first ever Fortnite World Cup. From 16-year old Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf taking home the $3 million dollar Solo portion prize, to the heartwarming moment when Thiago ’King’ Lapp celebrated with his father after winning $900k.

However, one moment is attracting attention for all the wrong reasons, as people are questioning the disqualification of a player in Round 6 of the Solo competition.

Why was letw1k3 banned?

An audience member caught the moment that the Russian pro player was disqualified from the competition on video. In the clip, he is shown quickly glancing up for a second before resuming play. 

The 13-year old player immediately enters a state of shock after realizing he’s been disqualified from the competition. Pro team Kungarna’s CEO ‘MOETORIOUS’ tweeted the clip of the event, outraged at what happened.

[email protected] gets disqualified midway through the last game for allegedly looking at big screen.” he said.

Why was letw1k3 looking up?

During an interview with TheFortniteGuy, letw1k3 told the YouTuber that during game six he heard a slam on the desk next to him and instinctually looked over. Unfortunately, Epic employees saw and disqualified him.

Among other difficulties, the Russian pro also said that he was given the wrong keyboard from the people running the tournament which caused him to get flustered.

Epic Games responded

According to Polygon, Epic reacted to the backlash and told the publication: “After multiple warnings to the player, a penalty was assessed and he was removed from the match,” a representative said. “He was not disqualified and will not be fined.”

Regardless of what the truth may be, some fans were upset as they felt the disqualification was uncalled for. Letw1k3 himself even retweeted a user that said: “@XXiFtv Cheats, banned for two weeks and still is allowed to [email protected] peeks over his screen for a second and gets forfeited for potentially thousands of dollars. Makes sense.”

Perhaps at the next World Cup, Epic will consider revising the dividers between screens and placement of players, as some feel that there was little room for human error.

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Where to find Fortnite Iron Man jetpacks

Published: 3/Nov/2020 17:44

by Tanner Pierce


After many long months, the fan-favorite jetpack has finally been re-added to Fortnite. This time however it’s straight from Iron Man, due to the special Marvel-themed season. Here’s a simple guide for how you can get your hands on the item.

One of the more interesting and least-hated items added to Fortnite since its launch is the jetpack. After being available in normal modes for a while, the item quickly became a fan-favorite, and getting one was pretty much required if you wanted to stand a chance in the final couple circles.

Epic Games decided to remove the item back in 2018 and instead, limited it to a number of different LTMs. Now, it seems like the developer has at least temporarily reversed course, as the item is now spawning in the base game again with a Marvel-themed twist.

Epic Games
The new jetpack operates exactly the same as the old item that was removed from Fortnite a while ago.

What is the Iron Man jetpack?

From everything we’ve seen, it appears as if the Iron Man jetpack operates basically the same way the older jetpack did back in 2018, and that this new item is basically just a simple cosmetic re-skin.

The jetpack takes the slot of one of your items on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. If you want to use it though, you don’t have to have the item selected. All you need to do is jump and then hold down the jump button in order to raise yourself into the air, allowing you to use your weapons. Operation, as expected, is fairly simple.

Epic Games
The Iron Man jetpack can be found through the map as floor loot.

Where can I find the Iron Man jetpack?

Apparently, the only place to find the Iron Man jetpack is as floor loot appearing randomly around the map for the moment. There doesn’t appear to be any specific, sure-fire, place to find it, so you’ll just have to keep looking until it pops up.

The item also doesn’t seem to show up from chests, which means it’s even harder to find than some weapons and other items. Of course, this could all change as time goes on.

It’s currently unknown how long the item will be in the game for, although logic would dictate that the longest it would be available would be the end of the current season given its Marvel theme.