The Mountain shares pro boxer sparring footage ahead of Eddie Hall fight

Thor The Mountain boxing sparringYouTube: Hafthor Bjornsson

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, better known as Game of Thrones’ Gregor Clegane or ‘The Mountain,’ has revealed footage of him sparring with a professional boxer in the lead-up to his fight with fellow strongman Eddie Hall.

On May 2, The Mountain challenged Hall to a boxing match after breaking his deadlift world record, and before long the two set up a planned date to fight in September 2021.

With a year still to go before the fight is scheduled to take place, there is still a decent amount of time for preparation. By the looks of it, Björnsson is already on his way to putting in a good performance.

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Thor The Mountain from Game of ThronesInstagram: thorbjornsson
Thor is already starting to look a lot different, with a big body fat drop thanks his boxing regime.

In previous weeks, Hall has also been showing off sparring footage and looking very in the ring, making some fans of The Mountain a little worried about his chances when the fight rolls around.

This new footage, though, sees Björnsson looking fairly accustomed to the ring and the sport itself, showing off both his strengths and weaknesses as a boxer.

This is the first time The Mountain has shared sparring footage, claiming that he “almost knocked out” his opponents. As his impressed viewers say in the comments, his footwork, accuracy and hand speed aren’t looking too shabby, as well as his navigation of the ring.

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As he says at the end of the video, Bjornsson picked opponents that are similar in size and stature to Hall, making him as prepared as possible for how the fight might play out and what he’ll be coming up against.

On the other side of the fight, Hall has been looking impressive and like a more natural boxer than The Mountain, and is quite fast considering his weight (with the size of these fighters, speed isn’t something you should expect).

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Nonetheless, Hafþór looks like he can really pack a punch — which isn’t much of a surprise — and you’ll need some serious endurance to take those hits and not feel it, though the same could be said for Eddie, too.

With the improvements both fighters are making over time, the betting man might still lean towards a Hall win, though anything could happen between now and fight night.