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Will Final Fantasy 16 be revealed soon? Mystery Twitter page sparks rumor

Published: 31/Aug/2020 23:04

by Brent Koepp


A cryptic Twitter account has sparked rumors that Final Fantasy 16 might be announced soon. Could the mysterious social media page hint at Square Enix revealing the role-playing game in the near future?

Developer Square Enix returned to its roots in 2020 with the release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake in April. The RPG was praised for its gorgeous re-creation of Midgar, and its re-imagining of popular characters such as Cloud Strife and Aerith.

Despite its success, fans have been wondering when the next game in the mainline series will be revealed – after all 15 came out in 2016. However on August 31, a Twitter account was discovered that could hint at an announcement being imminent.


final fantasy 15 characters around a campfire
Square Enix
Final Fantasy 15 came out in 2016.

Could Square Enix reveal Final Fantasy 16 soon?

Final Fantasy 15 released over three years ago, after being in development for close to a decade. The popular RPG focused on Prince Noctis and his best friends as they took a road trip across the world of Eos.

While FF7 Remake was a massive hit with critics and fans, the Japanese developer has said very little about the 16th entry into its long-running series. However on August 31, social media users discovered a Twitter account that could hint at Square’s next project.

A page called ‘FF16_JP’ was created in August. When fans tried to reset the password of the account, the email associated with it appears to be tied to a company with the same amount of letters as Square Enix itself.


Before getting too excited, we should point out that this can be faked. In June, a trickster fooled many players into thinking Microsoft was preparing to announce a new Perfect Dark after creating a fake Twitter account.

final fantasy 7 remake cloud
Square Enix / PlayStation
The Final Fantasy franchise returned to Midgar in 2020.

When resetting a password on an account, it only shows you the number of letters. So a prankster could easily register something that begins with S (for Square) and then have a bunch of random numbers that match up with the rest.

Games have been leaked early in the past due to social media accounts being found, and fans resetting the password. In fact, Riot Games hit FPS Valorant was leaked before its name was even known after people found its Twitter page.


valorant twitter leaked
Valorant was leaked ahead of its announcement due to fans finding the Twitter account early.

It goes without saying, but take this rumor with a major grain of salt. While it’s interesting that the account was found, a trickster can easily fake it.

Still, it’s also been over three years since FF15 came out, and the developer has already announce FF7 Remake 2 is in production. So fans can only hope they’ll get some sort of tidbit soon.