Usada Pekora’s first time on FFXIV ends in chaos after stream snipers swarm game

Andrew Amos
YouTube: Pekora Ch. / Square Enix

Hololive star Usada Pekora wanted to give Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) a try on stream. However, her exploration ended in chaos after a horde of stream snipers swarmed her in-game, lagging out her client and forcing her to quit.

FFXIV has been all the craze in 2021, with streamers jumping into the Square Enix MMORPG in droves. Usada Pekora is the latest of them; the Hololive star starting her journey on November 11.

Being one of the biggest VTubers on the planet, Pekora is accustomed to being mobbed online in games by stream snipers. When she gave FFXIV a crack though, it was on another level.

Usada Pekora playing FFXiVYouTube: Pekora Ch.
Usada Pekora jumped into FFXIV on stream, but the character creation screen was her only quiet spot before getting mobbed by stream snipers.

Things started out normally, creating her character and setting out on the tutorial. You’d think Pekora would settle on a Viera ⁠— given their massive bunny ears ⁠— but instead the VTuber opted for a “cute” Lalafell as her FFXIV character.

After going through the single-player tutorial, she finally had the chance to jump into the game properly and get exploring. “I’m here to see you! At least we can meet,” she said, before jumping into the Lower Decks.

When Pekora arrived though, she was greeted by dozens, if not hundreds, of fans waiting for her on the spawn point. There were so many people in the one place that her game was lagging out, and she couldn’t even see where she was.

“Hey, I’m not even there! Where am I,” she exclaimed.

Pekora ran around the starting village for around five minutes as a horde of fans kept following her, before she ended up logging off due to all the stream snipers.

While she said she enjoyed her time playing FFXIV, she admitted she’d play off-stream so stream snipers wouldn’t be a problem.

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Pekora isn’t the only streamer to have problems with stream snipers in FFXIV. Twitch star Asmongold also faced the same troubles when he dropped into Hydaelyn, with fans mobbing him wherever he went.

More Hololive stars like IRyS are expected to also make their FFXIV debuts soon.

After watching Pekora’s stream though, they might have learned a few things to try and make the stream snipers a bit more manageable.