Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin RPG: Release date, platforms, trailer, gameplay

Lauren Bergin
Final Fantasy tiamat 6 headed dragon roars into cameraSquare Enix

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin marks the 35th anniversary of the franchise, so here’s everything you need to know about FF Origin’s release date, platforms, and the mysterious Jack Garland.

Final Fantasy is still going strong as ever in 2022. With Square Enix’s MMO version of the title, Final Fantasy XIV Online, forever growing during the latter half of the 2021, the FF universe continues to welcome players both old and new.

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the iconic franchise, Square Enix announced Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin on 1 October, 2021. The first RPG title in the series, the game has already lit a fire within longtime fans.

So, here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about FF Origin, including the release date, platforms, and awesome new trailers.


Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy OriginSquare Enix
Stranger of Paradise will be the series first non-MMO RPG.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin release date

The latest installment in the classic series will drop on March 18, 2022, meaning we don’t have much longer to go before we can jump into some RPG action!

Additionally, pre-ordering the Digital Standard or Digital Deluxe editions will give players 72 hour early access before the game releases.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin platforms

Stranger of Paradise will be available for players on PC, PlayStation 4 & 5, as well as Xbox One & Series X|S. 

stranger of paradise final fantasy origin warriors of light fighting animalSquare Enix
The Warriors of Light will have to battle deadly monsters to save the universe.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin trailer

Announcement trailer

The official announcement trailer dropped on 1 October and shows off some of the stunning RPG combat. Joining Neon, Jack, Ash and Jed on their adventure to cleanse the elemental crystals of the darkness that has consumed them, players will traverse fantasy and sci-fi inspired vistas to cast the plague back into the shadows where it belongs.

Final Trailer

Introducing main protagonist, Jack Garland, players have been given some insight into the game’s crystal-centric combat systems, plot, as well as an introduction to some of the Warriors of Light and fearsome foes he meets along the way.

Who is Jack Garland in Final Fantasy?

While we don’t know very much about Stranger of Paradise’s handsome hero, we know that he comes from another world and is set on sending all things evil six feet under.

With a particular vendetta against main antagonist, Chaos, the enemies nestled within the Chaos Shrines had better look out for him.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin gameplay

Building upon the game’s original turn-based combat, players will be able to explore Stranger of Paradise RPG-style.

With epic boss fights at the core of the gameplay, Jack is your assigned character. In the gameplay footage from the Final Trailer, we see that often Jack’s attacks transform their victims into crystal upon his final blow, in turn shattering them into tiny little pieces.

Whether or not we’ll get to try out the other three Warriors of Light remains unseen, but either way the sword and shield hero looks like he’s going to be a lot of fun to play.

final fantasy jack garland in stranger of paradiseSquare Enix
Jack appears to have some power over crystal.

Is Stranger of Paradise multiplayer?

In short, yes, Stranger of Paradise is multiplayer. Importantly, it requires an online subscription to either Xbox or PlayStation’s live subscription service.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin editions

As with every Square Enix release, players can purchase different editions of the game. Note that physical editions are only available for PlayStation and Xbox, so if you’re on PC you can only get the digital one.

Both editions can be found below, with * denoting preorder content:

Standard Deluxe
Main Game Main Game
“Braveheart” Weapon * Digital Artbook
“Rebellion” Weapon * Digital Mini Soundtrack
Lustrous Shield * DLC Season Pass
72 hour early access * “Braveheart” Weapon *
“Rebellion” Weapon *
Lustrous Shield *
72 hour early access *

Those looking to preorder either of these editions can do so via the official Square Enix website. Standard will cost you $60 (£60) , whereas Deluxe is $90 (£85.)

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