Square Enix confirm next Final Fantasy XIV Deep Dungeon after Endwalker

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FF14 Deep Dungeon
Square Enix

Square Enix have confirmed that a new Deep Dungeon will come to Final Fantasy XIV after Endwalker’s 6.X patch cycle.

Final Fantasy XIV’s story is one of, if not the main attraction to the game. As a title that struggled early on during its inception, the game’s story can be attributed as a huge factor as to why it’s gotten so popular. Add the fact that the latest expansion, Endwalker’s release on December 7, 2021, was a smash hit, fans have much to enjoy.

In FFXIV, players can experience the story through various means. There’s of course the regular way of doing it with quests, but then there are also other avenues such as Dungeons and Raids. But, alternatively, there are Deep Dungeons.

Roguelike in nature, they have unique gameplay mechanics that task players with clearing floors full of enemies and the occasional boss or two. This not only gives fans a way to farm EXP for alternate Jobs or unique loot, but it provides a bit of story – something that’s always appreciated by the regular Final Fantasy XIV lover.

Square Enix
Final Fantasy XIV’s story is its main attraction to the game.

Square Enix confirm next Final Fantasy XIV Deep Dungeon

As it stands, there are only two Deep Dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV, namely Palace of the Dead from A Realm Reborn and Heaven-on-High from Stormblood. But it seems like a third one is on the way.

During the Final Fantasy XIV FanFeast 2022 in Korea, director and producer Naoki Yoshida and battle content director Masaki Nakagawa confirmed during a Q&A session that a new one is planned following the Endwalker 6.X patch cycle.

This was later confirmed by frequent translator @aitaikimochi on Twitter and the FFXIV Reddit translation team. “We receive a tremendous amount of player voices from all around the world asking for a new Deep Dungeon,” said Yoshida. “Therefore we are indeed working on a new Deep Dungeon which we plan to release around somewhere [after] Patch 6.x, so please look forward to it.”

A new Deep Dungeon is great news for any Final Fantasy XIV player. As for when it’ll release, only time will tell.

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