Square Enix bans streamers from showing end of Stranger of Paradise

Sam Smith
stranger of paradise ending ban

Streams of the ending of Final Fantasy prequel Stranger of Paradise have been banned by Square Enix, with broadcasters not permitted to upload or livestream “anything from the ending of the Game.”

Stranger of Paradise publisher Square-Enix has told creators to not stream the ending of the game, or upload videos, despite it launching on March 18, 2022 with early access starting on the March 15. The ban extends to both Twitch and YouTube, and the restrictions are listed on Square Enix’s site.

The game is set in the universe of the original Final Fantasy that was released in 1987. Like the first game, Stranger of Paradise once again follows the Four Heroes of Light as they embark on a quest to destroy the villain Chaos and save the kingdom. This version changes the tone of the game, setting it in a futuristic world rather than a medieval one.

However, the basic quest and premise remains the same, making the decision to prevent streaming the ending even more confusing.

final fantasy jack garland in stranger of paradise
Square Enix
Jack is the customary gruff Final Fantasy protagonist, and he’s become somewhat of an internet sensation.

Square-Enix ban Stranger of Paradise ending streams

While it’s not uncommon to see streaming restrictions in place ahead of launch, it’s unique in this instance that Square-Enix has cracked down on anyone showing the ending — despite the fact that players can reach it today,

The official page of rules and limitations is lengthy, but the part concerning streams of the ending reads:

“Do not livestream, post videos, or post anything from the ending of the Game – including, without limitation, the content following the final battle up until “The End”, “To be Continued”, “Fin” or similar messaging is displayed.”

Streamer Cohh Carnage posted a warning to fellow broadcasters, in case they were unaware and accidentally fell foul of the rule.

Responses range from players saying they’ll avoid streaming the game entirely, as well as those suggesting the lack of streaming potential means they won’t be purchasing the game. The game’s review embargo dropped yesterday, and the PS5 version has a Metacritic score of 72 at present. Dexerto’s own review is coming later this week.

It is unclear what punishments content creators would face for violating these rules.

Dexerto reached out to Square Enix prior to publishing the story, but the publisher did not offer comment at this time.