Preach Gaming says it’s “no wonder” players left WoW for FFXIV

preachSquare Enix/Preach Gaming

Twitch Streamer and YouTuber Preach Gaming is getting deeper into his playthrough of FFXIV Online, and is starting to discover why there is a mass exodus of players leaving WoW for greener pastures.

Final Fantasy XIV Online is more popular than ever before. The games player base broke over 22 million players in June 2021, and its subscriber count has pulled ahead of WoW by an increasingly wide margin.

Preach, who quit WoW not so long ago, has begun delving into FFXIV Online and is finding out what’s so special about it.

preachPreach Gaming
Preach is slowing making his way through the FFXIV A Realm Reborn campaign.

Leaving WoW for FFXIV

Preach discovered the company workshop room in the free company housing of FFXIV, which allows players to craft projects and manage airships and submarines. These vehicles, wether in the sky or the ocean, can be sent out on missions and voyages to retrieve resources for new plans and projects.

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While scoping out the place Preach said, “You build airships and submarines? This is a whole part of the game I haven’t even touched on, right? Yeah, this is ridiculous. Man, it’s no wonder WoW got s**t on when people moved over here. This is very cool. This is incredible, I’m actually mind blown. This is so good.”

It’s clear Preach has begun to appreciate the finer parts of FFXIV that have players enthralled with the game.

Company workshops are just part of the many cooperative experiences the world of Eorzea has to offer, and as he gets deeper into his journey in the game the more mechanics he will discover and enjoy.

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