Preach Gaming gets emotional after finishing FFXIV Shadowbringers: “Best video game story ever”

preach gaming ffxiv emotionalPreach Gaming/ Square Enix

Preach Gaming teared up after completing Final Fantasy XIV’s Shadowbringers expansion, giving it incredibly high praise and even calling it “the best video game story I’ve ever played.”

Preach has been playing FFXIV since his exit from being a World of Warcraft content creator.

When he began his adventure in Eorzea, he heaped praise on the game but admitted it would take more time before he fully fell in love with it.

Now, multiple expansions in, he’s completely hooked on Square Enix’s MMO.

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preachSquare Enix/Preach Gaming
Preach Gaming quit WoW after Blizzard’s workplace scandal broke.

Preach Gaming tears up at Shadowbringers

The streamer has been making his way through the four FFXIV expansions and shared massive praise for each that followed 2019’s Shadowbringers.

He even ranked Heavensward’s story as the second-best he’s ever played in a video game.

After finishing Shadowbringers, however, his all-time rankings may have changed.

He completed his playthrough of the expansion on January 20 and was overcome with emotion as the credits rolled on the storyline.

“I cried twice today… Wow, what a ride. Well, Heavensward just got crapped on, man. That’s the best video game story I’ve ever played.”

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As he rubbed his face in disbelief, his chat went wild with excitement that he loved the ending.

Preach has been burning through the game’s content, putting in hundreds of hours into FFXIV since his start in September 2021.

The only thing that could trump his love for Shadowbringers is the game’s most recent expansion, Endwalker, which is next up for Preach.

As Preach works his way through each campaign, he’s heaped more and more praise on each he’s completed, and it will be interesting to see where Endwalker ends up in his rankings.

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