KFC’s Colonel Sanders is now canonically in FFXIV, and he plays Black Mage

FFXIV ARR with Warrior of LightSquare Enix/ KFC

KFC Japan has unveiled that KFC’s Colonel Sanders will be starting a brand new adventure, as the man himself has been showcased in the popular MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV.

In Square Enix’s popular MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, you can live out your dreams in an alternate world with no barriers. Whether you want to be a huge Paladin vowing to protect your friends and loved ones, or being a tiny Lalafel ready and rearing to heal up their party, the choice is yours.

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However, one thing you can’t do at the moment in Final Fantasy XIV is become the literal icon of KFC, Colonel Sanders. At least, that was the case until KFC Japan showcased the man himself being ported into the game.

Sporting his iconic white jacket, white hair, and glasses, Colonel Sanders was clearly seen on the cliff sides of La Noscea, preparing himself for his venture ahead.

KFC Japan hints at potential Colonel Sanders x FFXIV collaboration

“Colonel Sanders is steadily preparing for a new adventure in another world…” the tweet reads according to a translation.

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While we’re only able to catch a glimpse of the man, it’s clear he’s looking good in the realm of Eorzea. Despite not grabbing a long look at Sanders, we do know one thing in particular, he is a Black Mage.

Near the last part of the trailer, we’re able to see him cast the Black Mage spell Triplecast before it cuts to black. The tweet has gone massively viral, with over 20 thousand retweets as FFXIV players excitedly share the news about Colonel Sander’s arrival.

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We don’t quite know what exactly this may entail for FFXIV. Potentially a KFC Let’s Play of the fantastical story, or maybe even a KFC collab might be in order for the fans of the MMO. With nothing more than the ominous coming soon, we might have to wait and see what Sanders has in store for us.

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