How to change Jobs in FFXIV: Switching Class guide

mage performing spell in ff xivSquare Enix

Final Fantasy XIV Online has a plethora of different Classes and Jobs for you to equip and switching up your Class isn’t as difficult as you might think.

After a slow start, FF XIV has grown into one of the most popular MMOs alongside rivals such as Genshin Impact and World of Warcraft. The Final Fantasy name still carries a lot of weight and FF XIV has tons for its player base to do.

One such customizable feature is the Job and Class system in the game. Each Class comes with its own strength and players wondering if they can easily swap and switch to unlock new Jobs will be pleased to know that they can.

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seeker in the sun character creation screen in ff ffivSquare Enix
Each class has different qualities that makes them unique.

What are Classes & Jobs in FF XIV?

Classes are specific attributes and skill sets that can get the ball rolling for players who want to pursue a particular playstyle, whereas Jobs are upgraded versions of the default Class.

If you fancy yourself as more of a healer, then an Arcanist or Conjurer would be suited to you perfectly for example. Then, once you reach Level 30, that role will evolve into the Job’s counterparts — Scholar and White Mage and you will become even more powerful.

a paladin posing in ff 14Square Enix
Even if you settle on one Class/Job you can always change it later.

How to switch Job in Final Fantasy 14

To switch your Class/Job in FF XIV, you simply need the weapon of the Class you want to switch to. Doing so will require you to complete a quest arc and finishing it will reward you with the weapon and your gateway to a different Class and eventually a fresh Job.

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Here’s a quick rundown of the basics and what you need to remember:

  1. Decide which Class and eventual Job you want to enroll in
  2. When you’ve done that, find the appropriate character on the map that will allow you to begin that path
  3. Complete their questline for the Class and receive the weapon
  4. Equip that weapon and you’ll now represent that Class
  5. Rank that Class up to Level 30 and you’ll unlock the Job title

Square Enix provide a lot of freedom in this department and there is no limit on how many Classes and Jobs you can achieve during your time with the game. If you want to do them all then go right ahead!

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