Final Fantasy XIV players are going crazy over Ameliance after patch 6.15

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Final Fantasy XIV players are head over heels for Ameliance Leveilleur following the 6.15 update that lets players customize her outfit.

Square Enix has slowly but surely been updating Final Fantasy XIV Online since the massive Endwalker expansion launched late last year.

FFXIV’s 6.1 patch added all-new story content with ‘Newfound Adventure,’ as well as a slew of new quests, trials, dungeons, and Alliance Raids for players to explore.

Now, FF XIV’s 6.15 patch has added new ‘Custom Delivery’ quests for Ameliance Leveilleur and players are obsessed with the new content surrounding House Leveilleur’s matron.

Final Fantasy XIV fans go crazy for Ameliance

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Square Enix
Ameliance Leveilleur is the mother of the story-important Leveilleur twins: Alphinaud and Alisaie.

Following the 6.15 patch, ‘custom deliveries’ allowed players to receive gil, experience points, crafters’ scrips, or gatherers’ scrips from Ameliance.

However, fans have become much more interested in the second part of the custom delivery questline where “players can gain the ability to cast glamours on Ameliance by raising her satisfaction level to the maximum,” according to the 6.15 official patch notes.

Essentially, casting glamour is the ability to dress up Ameliance with any gear of the player’s choosing provided her satisfaction level is maxed and players have enough glamour prisms.

It didn’t take long for fans to realize what this meant, considering FF XIV’s extensive player wardrobe coupled with many unique outfits thanks to collaborations with other development studios.

As a result, many are putting Ameliance in all sorts of outfits, ranging from Butler Attire to more scantily clad outfits like 2B’s outfit from Nier Automata.

The official FF XIV Twitter account tweeted out the new custom delivery questline and the replies quickly filled with players making all sorts of jokes about Ameliance’s new wardrobe potential.

Many are making memes poking fun at Ameliance’s glamour, like Twitter user DrForester who tweeted out a fake image for a quest with the description “Alphinaud and Alisaie want to know why you have their mother wearing 2B panties and a bunny waitress top.”

Who knows if FF XIV’s director Naoki Yoshida will keep this ability in the game, but one thing is certain: players are very happy with this new custom delivery questline.

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