Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.4: new MSQ, trial, savage tier and more

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.4Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV’s next patch has been detailed in their recent live letter, so here’s all the new content that’ll be coming with the next major Patch 6.4, The Dark Throne.

The most recent live letter for Final Fantasy XIV gave fans a look at the next major patch coming to the hit MMO. Patch 6.4, The Dark Throne was revealed as the title of the new patch, which will bring about new MSQ quests, trials and the long-awaited next savage tier.

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This will likely be the second last major patch before 7.0, which will introduce a new major expansion.


Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.4: When will it hit live servers?

Whilst there is no exact confirmed date for Patch 6.4, the live letter has stated the patch is slated for a late May release. FFXIV YouTuber Mrhappy1227 has theorized that May 23rd will be the day of release for Patch 6.4, in accordance with the usual predictions of 19 weeks between the larger patches.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.4 Content

New MSQ Story/ Quests

As per all major patches, the story will continue in Patch 6.4, giving us more content and leadup to the next chapter of the game dropping in 7.0. This will likely give us about 9-10 quests, furthering the story about the Voidsent and Golbez.

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Final Fantasy XIV Zero from the MSQ.Square Enix
Zero was one of the new characters introduced in the Endwalker Post Patches.

New Trial: The Voidcast Dais

Alongside the MSQ, we’ll be receiving a new trial as a part of the story. This trial is called The Voidcast Dais and will see players face off against Golbez finally.

FFXIV The Voidcast Dais TrialSquare Enix
Players will face off against Golbez in The Voidcast Dais.

There will also be an extreme version of this trial available in the game, which will reward players with bonus gear if they’re able to complete it. This is likely to be a weapon, similar to that of the post-patch trials before it.

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New Dungeon: The Aetherfront

The Aetherfront will be the dungeon included in Patch 6.4. It’s uncertain whether or not this will be part of the MSQ, but it is highly likely considering the recent trends of previous patches.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.4 Dungeon The AetherfrontSquare Enix
The Aetherfront will likely be a part of the MSQ, and will also have Polar Bears.

The Aetherfront’s location seems to be outside of the Void, potentially somewhere near Sharlayan. The dungeon will also include polar bears.

New Raid Dungeons: Pandaemonium – Anabaseios

Pandaemonium: Anabaseios will be the third and final tier of the Pandaemonium raid series. This tier will be included in Patch 6.4 and include 4 new fights and the completion of the raid series story overall.

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Final Fantasy XIV AnabaseiosSquare Enix
Anabaseios will be the final tier of the Pandaemonium raid series.

Alongside this, the savage difficulty of the raid tier will be released one week after the patch drops, likely on 30 May, 2023. This gives players a small amount of time to prepare. The savage tier will grant players the highest item-level loot, so many raiders will be looking to complete this tier.

Continuation of Tataru’s Grand Endeavor Questline

Tataru is continuing her Grand Endeavor in Patch 6.4. The new quests in this sidequest chain will require players to complete the Sorrows of Werlyt questline/ trial series to continue the quests that are releasing in 6.4.

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Final Fantasy Tataru's Grand Endeavor CutsceneSquare Enix
Tataru might meet up with Gaius in Patch 6.4.

New Unreal Trial: Containment Bay Z1T9 (Zurvan)

Like previous patches, the next Unreal difficulty trial will be released in the form of Containment Bay Z1T9. This follows after the previous two Containment Bays had their Unreal released.

Zurvan will replace Sophia as the Unreal trial come Patch 6.4 and will be the fight players need to complete for Faux Hollows.

New High End Gear and Tomestones

High-end crafted combat gear and new Tomestone gear will be released in Patch 6.4. These sets will likely be what players use before completing the current savage tier and will be a good source of income for talented crafter players.

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Alongside this, Tomestones of Causality will be removed for Tomestones of Comedy. Tomestones of Causality will have their weekly cap removed, and Tomestones of Astronomy will be removed as an earnable currency. Players can exchange their Tomestones of Astronomy for a small amount of Causality tomestones.

New Ocean Fishing Route

Another highlight for Crafter/ Gatherer players will be a new Ocean Fishing route opening up to Kugane. Players will be able to fish near the lovely city of Kugane, and potentially catch new fish whilst there.

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Final Fantasy XIV Kugane Ocean FishingSquare Enix
A new Ocean Fishing route is sure to have Fishers excited.

Patch 6.45 Content

Information about the mid patch of Patch 6.4 was also released during the live letter, giving us some more information about relics, Blue Mage and a new dungeon.

Blue Mage Updates

The limited class Blue Mage will be receiving an update in Patch 6.45. The Blue Mage class cannot be played like most other combat jobs and involves stealing skills from enemies that you slay.

Final Fantasy XIV Blue Mage updatesSquare Enix
Blue Mage will have its level cap raised to 80 in Patch 6.45.

Blue Mage will have its level cap increased to level 80, with new spells and Blue Mage exclusive gear being added. Alongside this, the Blue Mage exclusive Masked Carnivale will have additional enemies added.

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New Variant/ Criterion Dungeon: Mount Rokkon

The second Variant/ Criterion Dungeon will also be released in Patch 6.45. Variant Dungeons are content that players can run through multiple times, giving different endings based on the path players choose.

Criterion dungeons are the more difficult version of Variant dungeons and offer greater challenges for players up to the task.

Final Fantasy XIV Mount Rokkon variant/ criterion dungeonSquare Enix
Mount Rokkon will be the second Variant dungeon to be added into FFXIV.

Relic Weapons/ Tools

Relic Weapons/ Tools will be receiving their next tier in Patch 6.45. These weapons generally involve completing a long grind of content, all in exchange for a shiny new piece of gear.

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Continuation of Hildibrand Adventures

Hildibrand’s questline will also be updated in Patch 6.45. This update will bring a few more quests into the chain and will likely need to be completed for players to unlock the next tier of Manderville relic weapons.

Final Fantasy XIV Hildibrand QuestlineSquare Enix
The Hildibrand Questline will continue it’s strange adventures in Patch 6.45.

Island Sanctuary Updates

The Island Sanctuary will also be receiving some major upgrades in Patch 6.45, with new ranks and visions being added. Alongside this, the patch will feature a new gathering area and construction plots for your Hideaway, bringing it one step closer to that Island Paradise.

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Final Fantasy XIV Island Sanctuary UpdatesSquare Enix
The Island Sanctuary will be receiving some upgrades in Patch 6.45.

Island Sanctuary will have new rewards released in the mid-patch, rewarding players who put in the effort with the system.