Final Fantasy 16 reveals the name of Clive’s Chocobo ahead of State of Play

Ambrosia is the name of FFXVI's Clive's ChocoboSquare Enix

Final Fantasy 16 has revealed the name of the protagonist Clive’s Chocobo. The announcement comes a day before the game’s presentation during the PlayStation State of Play.

The upcoming State of Play will be a dedicated 20-minute stream featuring Final Fantasy 16 gameplay. Those interested in watching can tune in on PlayStation’s official YouTube or Twitter accounts on April 13 at 2 PM PT | 5 PM ET. During the previews, fans expect more footage of the Square Enix title’s combat system and possibly additional information about its story.

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Before Final Fantasy 16 kicks off the State of Play, the game declared the name of Clive Rosfield’s Chocobo. A Chocobo is a recurring animal throughout the JRPG series, first appearing in Final Fantasy II. Here’s a quick preview of the protagonist’s bird companion.

Final Fantasy 16 announces Clive’s Chocobo’s name for follower celebration

clive rosfield in final fantasy 16 cutsceneSquare Enix

On Twitter, Final Fantasy XVI announced the name of Clive’s white-feathered Chocobo: Ambrosia. The Square Enix game posted the reveal to celebrate its Twitter account reaching 100k followers. In addition to the Chocobo’s name, FFXVI included a four-second clip of Ambrosia flapping her wings.

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“I will protect him and Torgal with my life,” NightSkyPrince wrote. Torgal is the name of a gray wolf that Final Fantasy 16 players can pet.

“If Ambrosia or Torgal dies, we hold Yoshi-P accountable,” Sir_Damned responded.

Previously, Square Enix gave players a first look at the world of Valisthea. The Final Fantasy 16 region – located between the two continents of Ash and Storm – takes inspiration from medieval Europe. The short video highlighted Valisthea’s impressive landscapes while following Clive through jungles and deserts.

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Currently, Final Fantasy 16 is on track to be Square Enix’s most significant release of 2023. While the JRPG utilizes action-oriented combat, unlike the series’ turn-based entries, Final Fantasy fans are eager to discover how FFXVI measures up to its worthy predecessor.

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