FFXIV update 6.3 Gods Revels, Lands Tremble patch notes: New quests, raids & more

FFXIV update 6.3Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV’s 6.3 update, Gods Revels, Lands Tremble has arrived. Here’s everything new that’s come with update 6.3.

FFXIV’s 6.3 update will be called ‘Gods Revels, Lands Tremble’ and will continue the story that began in Buried Memory, post Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker. The sizable update will add new quests, raids, Island Sanctuary updates, and various other improvements.

Below, we’ve listed the Final Fantasy update 6.3 patch notes from the Loadstone so you can see exactly what’s changed as we head into a new era of FFXIV – one where Gods Revel and Lands Tremble.

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All Final Fantasy XIV update 6.3 patch notes

Here are all the changes to FFXIV after update 6.3 with the Gods Revels, Lands Tremble patch notes.

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New story content

  • Main Story: Gods Revel, Lands Tremble (9 new quests)
  • Side Story: Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures (?? new quests)
  • Side Story: Tataru’s Grand Endeavor (1 new quest)
  • Side Story: Tales of Newfound Adventure (1 new quest)
  • Alliance Raid: Alliance Raid Euphrosyne, the second part of the Myths of the Realm story and raid series (4 new quests)
  • Ultimate raid: Ultimate Raid The Omega Protocol (Ultimate)
  • Dungeon: Dungeon Lapis Manalis
  • Trials: Trial Mount Ordeals, Trial Mount Ordeals (Extreme)
  • Faux Hollows: Trial Containment Bay P1T6 (Unreal)
  • Treasure Hunt: Treasure Hunt The Shifting Gymnasion Agonon – Accessed the new Ophiotauroskin Treasure Map specific to Elpis
  • PvP: Player versus Player The Clockwork Castletown (Crystalline Conflict arena) – The Player versus Player Cloud Nine (PvP) CC arena will appear less in update 6.3
  • Tribal Quests and Reputation: Loporrits – For Disciples of the Hand
  • Custom Delivery (map icon).png Custom Deliveries: Anden (3 new quests)
  • New Deep Dungeon – Deep Dungeon Eureka Orthos
Final Fantasy XIVSquare Enix
Update 6.3 will continue the story from Buried Memory.

System updates and changes

Main Scenario quest improvements:

  • Duty Support for Dungeon The Great Gubal Library, Dungeon The Aetherochemical Research Facility, Dungeon The Antitower, Dungeon Sohr Khai, Dungeon Xelphatol, and Dungeon Baelsar’s Wall.
  • Many bosses in the above dungeons have been adjusted, including Byblos, the Everliving Bibliotaph, Regula van Hydrus, Lahabrea / Igeyorhm, Ascian Prime, Ziggy, Calcabrina, Chieftain Moglin, Poqhiraj, Hraesvelgr, Nuzal Hueloc, Dotoli Ciloc, and the Griffin.
  • Gold Saucer: New GATELeap of Faith course: Sylphstep
  • Manderville Weapons second stage
  • DoH/DoL Splendorous Tools (Relic Tools)
  • Housing: Wards 25-30 added to all residential districts.
  • New spearfishing and diving location in Upper La Noscea

Miscellaneous updates

  • PvP Series 2 will come to an end with the launch of update 6.3.
  • Season 5 of ranked Crystalline Conflict will begin in update 6.3
  • Island Sanctuary updates
  • Various UI Updates

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