FFXIV players slam “outrageous” GrubHub offer as Endwalker Pizza emotes are denied

. 6 months ago
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Final Fantasy XIV teamed up with GrubHub to provide players with a Pizza emote coming into FFXIV Endwalker. However, multiple players have now claimed that GrubHub is not giving them the emote despite meeting the offer requirements, due to lack of inventory.

When you’re battling through legions of hardened warriors in FFXIV Endwalker, your Warrior of Light no doubt works up quite the appetite.

Enter the Final Fantasy XIV GrubHub Pizza emote: an adorable in-game pose that could only be obtained after ordering from the food delivery behemoth. Not only is it perfect for sating your character’s hunger, but its limited-edition nature also made it quite the collector’s item.

However, some players claim they haven’t received the emote, despite paying for $15 worth of food, with GrubHub apparently telling them it’s because the promotion was never designed to give everyone a code.

ffxiv grubhub pizza emote for endwalker
Square Enix
Turns out that a lot of FFXIV players have been left with an empty stomach…

FFXIV players miss out on GrubHub emote

Those who met the order requirements during the event were supposed to receive an email to the address associated with their GrubHub on December 17. This code was then entered via FFXIV’s MogStation and the emote was added to the linked account.

“GrubHub doesn’t plan on giving out emote codes,” one player claimed. “I just called GrubHub customer service about not getting my /eatpizza emote code, and they said that there were a ‘limited number’ of emotes that they could give out on a first come first serve basis, so they just aren’t planning on giving other people their missing emotes.

“I find this outrageous because the promotion didn’t state that there were a limited number of emotes,(only that the free delivery was limited to 20,000 people,)” they continued, concluding that “Grubhub is cashing in on a lie, and I personally won’t be ordering from them again. Apart from that, I’m not really sure what to do.”

Indeed, GrubHub does state on the event’s FAQ that “there was no limit to the number of customers who could receive the Eat Pizza emote during the promo period,” and that they “did not use a lottery system to select promo code recipients.”

Unfortunately, it isn’t just this player that’s missing out on their slice of Italian goodness.

“It’s chaos,” reads one comment. “One rep told me it was a lottery and no one was guaranteed to get anything, one rep told me there was no record the code was ever used on my order, one rep told me to be patient, and one told me it was first come, first serve, and they ran out day one.”

“Imagine having a limited supply of a digital emote that is only obtainable via this promotion,” writes another.

Whether or not GrubHub will grant players’ wishes and finally make the emote accessible to everyone who qualified remains to be seen, but until then it looks like we’re stuck with marmot steak and boiled eggs…

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