FFXIV players beg Square Enix to rethink NFT plan: “They’re a scam”

ffxivSquare Enix

Final Fantasy XIV players have shared their skepticism of Square Enix’s plans to prioritize “decentralized gaming” and the incorporation of NFTs moving into 2022.

FFXIV Online enjoyed an incredible year in 2021. The MMO exploded in popularity with the release of the newest expansion Endwalker, so much so that they had to actually stop selling copies of the game.

On January 1, developer Square Enix announced the company’s plans to focus on the Metaverse and NFTs. “I see 2021 not only as “Metaverse: Year One,” but also as “NFTs: Year One,” said the company’s President Yosuke Matsuda in the statement.

Now, FFXIV players have shared their skepticism of potentially including NFTs in the game.

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2021 was the biggest year yet for FFXIV Online.

FFXIV players skeptical of NFTs

In a Reddit post on January 2, one FFXIV fan was worried about what the introduction of NFTs would look like in the MMO.

Redditor Chance_Engineering94 said, “After reading about the NFT and watching hours of video to understand, what it is I got one answer: NFT are scam. I feel like Square Enix are more going with “cool” than thinking.”

A bevy of confused fans voiced their concerns in the comment section of the post.

One user noted, “The backlash is going to be hard. This announcement is beyond confusing.”

Another voiced a message of empowerment and said that the power to stop this from happening is in the hands of the players.

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“Good thing Square Enix has a group of people that tell them to f**k off and deny them their money when they f**k up. Us. If they try any NFT bulls**t, don’t be f**king addicts and play the game anyways. Cancel your subscription and play something else.”

One of the biggest FFXIV streamers, Asmongold, also shared his apprehension about the announcement and said: “People don’t give a f**k” about NFTs.”