FFXIV player becomes a mentor before completing the main story questline

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A Final Fantasy XIV player has somehow become a Trade Mentor before they’ve even completed the game’s main story questline.

As an MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV can be a pretty tough game to get into. Not only are there a bunch of things to do, jobs to level, and stories to experience, but players have the option to do whatever they really want. Because of the complex systems available in the game, the devs have implemented a mentor system, designed to help new members in the community.

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Many veterans of FFXIV know that the mentor system can be a bit of a meme, with players joking that mentors are often the first ones to mess up mechanics. However, the road to becoming a mentor takes plenty of time and requires players to fulfill specific requirements to unlock their Burger King crown.

Though now, one player is turning heads after they managed to become a Trade mentor before they even completed the main story questline.

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FFXIV player becomes a trade mentor before finishing main story

Trade mentors are supposed to be knowledgeable about all things crafting and gathering. In order to qualify as a Trade Mentor, players must reach level 90 in a Disciple of Hand and Land class, create 100 collectibles, and gather 300 other collectibles.

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These can all be completed completely separately from the main scenario questline. This means you could potentially become a Trade mentor despite never completing the base game of A Realm Reborn, which is quite a goofy prospect.

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Reddit User AnotherBoredTenno was able to qualify as a Trade mentor, but they haven’t even touched the recent Endwalker expansion. Taken aback, they created an apt meme to sheepishly express their surprise at their recent promotion to Trade Mentor.

“How do you do, fellow Mentors?” the meme reads.

Now Tenno will be able to reap all the benefits of being a Mentor, without needing to finish the main scenario questline.